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  1. Yes, i changing the file and worked perfectly.
  2. I make the same error in my last XP version I got a clean XP copies with SP3 (generated by MSDN) I used HFSLIP to integrate WMP11, IE7, DirectX and Flash, and generating the NEWBIN.TXT In Nlite i removed Windows Messenger, NetMeeting and MSN Explorer. And used the NEWBIN.TXT. When completed the installation occurred the same error, "framedyn.dll not found" and the other is "-1 - variable can be object". Look the result of wbemoc.inf, before nlite and after: wbemoc_HFSLIP_.inf WBEMOC_HFSLIP___NLITE_.INF
  3. Hello all, i got the latest version of hfslip(rc7), but he don't split my messenger.msi. I put the messenger.msi file in HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder. My Windows have SP3 (final version) and i got this version in MSDN home page. Somebody have this problem too? Sorry for my terrible english!

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