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  1. Heyas, I"m currently looking to redo my imaging process and was hoping to get some advice from you guys. My company deploys win2k3 boxes on a few different hardware platforms (mostly IBM 3650s and Compaq 370 G2s with some variants mixed in). Our network has no DHCP and we also have no physical access to the servers we build. The servers are housed in data centers in 2 different states. All builds have to be done through RSAs and RIBs. Here are some of the things I'm shooting for: 1. A single image for all hardware per OS - this is to make it easy to keep up to date 2. As automated as possible - I'd really like to be able to just boot into winPE, set the IP information, choose an image, and walk away to a fully built and configured server since doing anything through an RSA is just painful 3. I'd like to be able to easily move to a system that has PXE boot capabilities in case I can ever convince the higher ups to allow for DHCP. So how do you guys think I should go about doing this? I was thinking using of winPE 2.0 to connect to a share I setup to pull down images. After the image is laid down I'd have to figure out a way to edit the sysprep.inf so the server configured itself correctly when it booted back up. I was also thinking maybe there is a way to use WDS to automate that part. I'm really pretty lost in all the different ways to go about doing this. If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions on how I should go about doing this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, noacess

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