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  1. I'm all aglow! After leaching hints and ideas from everyone else I FINALLY was able to contribute something back. TommyK
  2. I found the easiest way to do this is using Resource Hacker to change the manifest default from level="asInvoker" to 'requireAdministrator' as shown below: TommyK
  3. Thanks, JohnC, for the reply. I've read most of the posts but thought there might be a 'real' solution by now. I have tried the editing the .inf, as suggested here, following by creating a separate addon for installation of the control panel and the integration appeared to work fine - the control panel integration seemed to work as well (XPx86 SP3). However, I'm having occasional BSOD's that I suspect may be related to the mods I've made so I was hoping there might be a better solution out there. If not, I may just go back to 182.50 which seemed to work fine.
  4. Have you had any success with nVidia's newest driver release (185.85) and integrating with nLite or using the method you described above? I've been very pleased with nVidia's drivers up until this latest release. I doesn't play well with nLite like previous version did.
  5. Fantastic! Thanks for your continued work on this project. TK
  6. Quick Question: Will this version of iTunes still be able to sync my iPod with iTunes? I realize I would have to start iTunes manually, of course, since iTunesHelper no longer will be loaded. TK

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