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  1. hello, i have been using microsoft windows for years, i have used windows 95, 98, 98se, win NT, win 2k, and XP. OK first off im not trying to offend anyone, im just stateing the obvious..., I am currently enrolled at a tech academy Learning Cisco Computer Networking, and also working towards my A+ certification. I have been using windows for a good 4-5 years, and just recently i wanted to try Linux because i have heard some great things about it. Let me tell you if you are sick of all the viruses, worms,instability, and you are comupter literate, i would suggest trying one of the linux distros, it is easy to install, at least mandrake linux is, and its FREE. Ok, well first off, when i first install linux i notice a great increase in performance and internet speed. I also noticed after using it for a month I have NOT had ONE PROBLEM in linux unlike the blue screen of death in windows or a freeze up. Also in linux if you dont like something you can change it. you can change just about anything, and customize the way it looks! For all you gamers and people that invested money into microsoft software you can still use them in linux with the help of Wine, or Winex. For just about every program their is an alternative for linux that is just as good and is also probably free. The best part about it....NO VIRUSES and NO WORMS! Unlike what many people say, i find linux fun and easy to use, i suggest using Gnome or KDE as your Gui. Also you only need 16 megs of ram to run it! My mandrake linux costed me 70 bucks, but i bot the powerpack version which comes with over 3000 programs on 7 cds! I finally feel content with my OS, as its fast and reliable. But if you like windows stay with windows, cause one thing windows has that linux doesnt for now is its easier to learn! but dont take my word for it try it, you can always dual boot your computer to test it, if you dont like it you can get rid of the partition. Well good luck, if i have interested you www.mandrake.com, is a great place to start. well good luck

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