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  1. Ok, I'll read all the topic. The official nero installer isn't exactly what I looking for. But above all, I have to say Nero Lite and Micro versions are a great job and thanks to them I'll save time and I'll avoid "junkware" from my computer and many others!!
  2. Well.... all issues solved. All because I was stupid and I had the nero setup file with a wrong name. Now I want to do this: I'd like to build my own Nero Lite Setup with Nero Vision and Nero Recode Components. How should I change the scripts to make this? In my first attempt to change the micromize script: I only get this System Could Not Find the File Specified HDUI.dll... System Could Not Find the File Specified HTMLGallery.dll... etc....
  3. Hello, Some of you may have suffered the slowness and the inefficiency of Adobe CS3 installers. Installing Adobe CS3 Premium Suite can take more than 30min, even on a Core 2 Duo with WinXP (in fact, it takes similar on a Ahtlon XP, as I could prove). And if you don't have enough with this, it installs a lot of bloatware... Finally I decided to not to install it anymore until I find another alternative but, is it possible to install Adobe CS3 products without using their stinky installer?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make my own Nero Lite v8.3.2.1 Spanish version. I've detected some issues with the scripts. First of all, the "get Nero Version" lines don't work, so I've replaced it with set neroversion= line (specify manually my version). Before: ::get Nero Version call Include\getNeroVersion.cmd Error: Could not detect Nero version! After: ::get Nero Version set neroversion= So then I can continue. I run the micromize and the language specific batch scripts, with no issues. But when the compile script is run, it gets stuck with this message: Error on line 897 in D:\OmniDVD Project\NeroLiteProject\Script\NeroLite_base.iss : [iSPP] File not found: "Script\Include\activation.iss". Compile aborted. The system could not find the file specified D:\OmniDVD Project\NeroLiteProject\Script>rem ..\Tools\CodeSigning\signcode.exe /* your options here */ "..\Output\Nero-" Not found D:\OmniDVD Project\NeroLiteProject\NeroLite_base.iss I checked the line 897 in NeroLite_base.iss: #include "Script\Include\activation.iss" And the activation.iss file is properly placed so, what can be wrong? Maybe nero version is not compatible?

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