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  1. I try to install WinXP x64 (SP2) with German MUI pack. I changed Program Files locations in winnt.sif: ProgramFilesDir="\Programme" CommonProgramFilesDir="\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien" ProgramFilesDir(x86)="\Programme(x86)" CommonProgramFilesDir(x86)="\Programme(x86)\Gemeinsame Dateien" After installation there are the following program directories created too: C:\Program Files (x86) C:\Program Files (x86)(x86) Latter is containing some files (e.g. Netmeeting software). Doing some research in registry I found following corresponding wrong keys, where the program files location change did not has taken place, e.g.: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion CommonFilesDir = C:\Program Files (x86)(x86)\Common ProgramFilesDir = C:\Programs Files (x86)(x86) Does anybody know whether there is patch for this setup configuration error? Or how to write a repair script to be integrated in the setup? Second question I have is regarding the MUI setup. I did it by let setup calling muisetup.exe /i 0407 /d 0407 /r /t during unattended setup. Afterwards I noticed MUI installed in default program dir ("Program Files"), i.e. MUI is ignoring changed program file location. It does so when installing MUI manually too. I can't find any switch of muisetup to change target directory. An answer file mui.txt is ignored too. thx for any suggestions
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