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  1. On a non VLK XP installation, you will get a problem with activation after about 30 days. If OOBE is removed, then there is no way to activate the OS. If you cannot activate the OS, well ... just an endless loop after that ... But hopefully, you see the point of the exercise.
  2. While nlite is created by nuhi and the source is generally kept a secret, there are similar, albeit not necessarily competing, programs that can perform some of the same functions that nlite does. One such program is Ryan's Integrator. It is developed by Siginet and some of the developers, and as long as you are helping with the project, you can get access to the source code of the Integrator. I do not know how difficult it would be to port over to linux, however it is a completely viable option you might want to consider. The forum for the Integrator is located here: http://siginetsoftware.com/forum/index.php
  3. If it helps any, I think I solved the riddle to my nlite acting unstable. Although I allowed nlite to act as a "trusted" application, it appears the only item that changed from previous nlite sessions and the current ones were using a different firewall. I had recently began using COMODO Firewall Pro. It is a wonderful *free* program all in itself, however I had some options set that limit some of what nlite tries to do. The option "Defense+ Security Level" set to 'Clean PC Mode' or above appears to have intefered with the nlite process at different stages. To work around the problem, setting the "Defense+ Security Level" to 'Training Mode' appears to have solved the problem at this time. I suppose I should have realized sooner that COMODO was "acting hostile" to nlite. It is now behaving much nicer in that I know what was causing the problem. Thank you for your informative replay Spontaneous. Problem solved for now.
  4. Johnhc, the world does not revolve around you sir. The reason I could not add an attachment was due to the nlite crash I keep having. The only way it would work at *that* moment was to include the whole file into the post. Now ... if you want to add something *constructive* to this conversation, then do so. Otherwise, I have no use for you. @Happy-Dude: Thank you for your response. I will see about sending a note nuhi's way. Hopefully he can help me resolve why this is suddenly becoming a problem.
  5. Thank you for this addon. I was just looking for an update of an older addon I still had. Thank you much johndoe74.
  6. Nlite has become very unstable for me. I am unable to get through a full session without it crashing. Current version is v1.4.9.1. The same thing happens with v1.4.9. The problem started with using Ryan's latest update pack (RVMUpdatePackSP3_1.0.1.7z). Nlite would crash during the "Intgrating hotfixes, packs and themes" phase. To get around that problem, I used Ryan's Integrator to integrate that update pack along with some other "Integrator Only" addons. This takes place before nlite. Now, when using nlite, I can get it to consistenly crash at random places. The most common place for it to crash is during the "Integrating drivers" phase. I would include the error report, but unfortunately I cannot get the information from that report to copy onto the clipboard. It appears though that nlite is crashing with the 'ModName: msvcr90.dll'. Presets file: Removed due to length.
  7. While I appreciate the information on this thread, I would like to ask a question. Of those folders that are empty in the standard windows folder, will it hurt to have any of those deleted? Does any program (that you know of) *specifically* require those empty folders to be present? The reason I am asking this, I am going to add a batch file to my installation routine that removes those empty directories that are absolutely unneeded. As long as it does not hurt to have those directories removed, then what is the use of having them. (Just an opinion.) Side Note: In addition, for those who may be interested, I already have a batch file (more specifically just a command) that remove empty subdirectories from a location. The directory in the example is %temp%. This is mainly because I have it remove empty subdirectories from my temp folder. It will not remove directories that are not empty. for /f "usebackq delims=" %%d in (`"dir /ad/b/s %temp% | sort /R"`) do rd "%%d"
  8. Oh BURN™. I did not realize that someone even created this addon already. Quick question though, is there a way to add personal registration information to this addon? Or is it required that I must add that information *after* the system has installed?
  9. This is a decent idea, however I need just a bit more information on it than was replied to. Your explanation here: describes *some* of the options, but what does removing the *other* files do (which options are obsolete or removed)? --Delete i386\MIGISM_A.DL_, MIGWIZ_A.EX_, MMC.CH_ MSRDP.CA_,MSTSC.CH_, MSTSC.EX_, MSTSCAX.DL_, RDSKTPW.CH_, SCRIPT_A.DL_,SYSMOD_A.DL_, TSCUPGRD.EX_, XPTHT41W.HT_ ---remove the msrdp.cab line in DOSNET.inf.
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