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  1. ¡Hails!... I have a project made in VB.Net (2008) and MySQL. Now i'm trying to find the code that makes Connection Test (Like Messengers test) where you can see the connection problem. - IP - DNS - Data Base - Network adapter - Host Name Etc. Any help will be apreciated. (Sry for my bad english) ...¡Bytes!
  2. Hails!.. Thanks for your help and suggestions, but that's not the point. We're trying to get works something that is by default in windows. But i apreciate your suggestion, in fact i'm using that software. I just want something simple, like the XP Zero Config. Thanks!...
  3. Hi!... No fix yet?... Take care!...
  4. Hi there!... As i know, is that about Windows Services... I just disable some services in a XP SP2, and i had the same problem. So, i've restored the system and works again. Now, i'm gonna disable again the services but i will take note about them. I'll see if a services is doing the problem. EDIT: Well, the error in XP SP2 was in EventLog Service, when i disable it, the Networks didn't show. And when i enable it, all works fine. But, in SP3 doesn't work. I give up. Anyone can help us, please?... Thanks!... (Sry for my english)
  5. Hi!... I made my own Windows with nLite, but... for some reason when windows starts, the info balloon show me that there are networks detected, but when i open the Wireless Network manager doesnt show anything. The router works fine, because i just installed an original Windows without mod, and works. What services, or tweaks should i have to make the wireless work?.... - Wireless Zero Conf, works - Wi-Fi Card Works - Router works Thanks!... (Sry for my english)

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