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  1. unattended printer install

    I'm using a tool called "printmig" to add local print drivers unattended. Don't remember where I got it from, I know there is various of it on the net but the one I use is a Microsoft one (according to the about box). First I have created the printers manually, adding any 3d party drivers and set any settings needed. Then I make a backup of my printers in printmig and it saves all files and settings needed into a single .CAB file. In my unattended script, I just make a restore using printmig command line options and voila, I have all my printers with all settings restored. At least, this is MY way of dealing with the printer install... /DrJ
  2. IE Automatic Configuration Script

    Sorry folks, think I found it... My bad... /DrJ
  3. Anyone know if I can enable Automatic Configuration Scripts/URL in the WINNT.SIF file? There is alot of PROXY settings available but the ACS is not, do I need to make a registry tweak instead? /DrJ
  4. How did you slipstream to SP2? And how do you make the Admin install? Tried to find the answer without luck. Made a perfect OfficeXP SP3 CD but havn't managed to do an Office97-SP2 (that I of course need). /D
  5. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Many thanks nuhi, I'll give it a try later on today! /D
  6. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    I'm trying to disable the "Offline Files and Folders" function. Any tip out there? So many tweaks, found the Unattended XP site the other day and have been reading my eyes off since then! Great guide, great forums!