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  1. Those two files you have referenced wimfltr.inf and wimfltr.sys do not exist anywhere on the hardisk. Where exactly are they supposed to be located? I searched manually and with Vista's search feature and couldn't find them. Does the WAIK install them? If so then for some reason it isn't. I checked to see if they were marked hidden and they not. So where does this leave me? This is a 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 installation inside a Virtualbox guest if that makes any difference. I don't see why it should since I've done it this way before. *edit* I seem to have fixed it. I downloaded the WAIK through the link in the vlite program vs the one I was using. I have no idea what version I was using, but it must have been a newer version or something. The wimgapi.dll was dated 2009 the one in the WAIK I downloaded is from 2008. Maybe I got a Win7 version? I'm not sure how though since this is the same I used the last time I needed the WAIK for vlite. Anyway, it's working now.
  2. OK. That's not in the FAQ http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/127712-faq-why-does-vlite-asks-for-waik-installation/ which is what I followed. ALso, I've used vlite on a different installation before and only copied the wimgapi.dll file in the faq. Why do I need to copy them this time and not before?
  3. I'm using vlite 1.2 final. Vista SP1 in a VirtualBox virtual machine. I installed WAIK and Vlite, moved the WIMGAPI.DLL file to the Vlite folder per instructions. I ran the vlite program and... it still asks for the WAIK to be installed. What now?!
  4. I am trying to help out a friend who has vista home basic. Her computer was purchased from a local small computer store about 4 years ago and is a 'house brand' not major mfg. It suffers from *Vista-itis* being it was originally loaded with the first version of Vista OEM without SP1. She had the option of Vista or XP downgrade at no extra charge to install, but opted for Vista unfortunatly. I have since installed SP1 on it for her. It's become slow over the last few months due to general clutter and a failed IE9-beta install. The IE9 was bundled with Yahoo messenger and installed without her knowledge or permission. I have managed to restore the system using system restore, but it's still not the same so I want to wipe and reinstall. She cannot afford to upgrade to Win7 right now(no job, bills, etc) or I'd do that in a heartbeat. So I've taken her until now unused CDs and tried to use vLite to make a usable installation DVD. I tried that DVD in VirtualBox and it worked just fine. Installed perfectly as Vista can, etc ie. no issues. Even without guest additions it works.. The image mounted also works identically. I put the DVD into a real computer and tried to install it and it fails with a missing install.wim error. Since I didn't make any changes except to combine the CDs with vlite I'm perplexed as to what I'm doing wrong. Believe it or not this is my first installation of Vista. I avoided upgrading when it came out so I don't have near the experience with it as I do with XP. SO combine that with vista issues and this is much harder than XP! So can someone help me fnd out what I'm doing wrong? Thank you, Henry
  5. I can't see the full path and filename when trying to integrate a driver. I'm using the multi driver option. The window is not scrolling and so it clipping off at the right. I've attached a screenshot. Can this be fixed please? Btw, I realise I can use individual method but others might need to multi feature.
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