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  1. I followed these instructions, and then I followed other posts I found out there for creating a bootable iso. What I've found on the error I received is related to the bootable part of things (I think). This is what I'm getting: CDBOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR It never even loads the XP Installation; this error appears in VMWare Player immediately. I am using InfraRecorder to build my ISO, and I don't know if perhaps there's just a bug in that software. I have the Nero 8 suite on another PC, so I might try that. This post, however, doesn't mention anything about how to make the iso bootable (but I'm assuming that I need to do that). Any help is appreciated. Here are two posts I've followed to build the ISO. I've tried burning the ISO with the Bootable_NoEmulation.img file located in [bOOT], and I've also tried with some other files I found online, xpboot.bin and boot.ima. Any suggestions? Thanks. http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=297 http://old.bink.nu/xpbootcd/ EDIT: I found a tool called PE Builder (which only runs under XP), and everytime I try to build my iso image with all my modified files, it throws: Warning: File "iaStor.sys" not found I checked, and iaStor.sys exists in the directory. I even tried changing the name to "IASTOR.SY_" to be sure. I'm wondering if maybe iastor.sys is compressed, not uncompressed, as the tutorial says. I got the file after installing the drivers and copying it from the c:\windows\system32\drivers directory. Any suggestions? There is no emoticon to describe how I'm feeling. Maybe that stick figure one where the guy bangs his head on his keyboard until it's bloody? Thanks for the help.

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