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  1. You Want to Change Your Username?

    vyas_vipul > adarkenigma86
  2. is it possible to arrange icons by type and also show in group as default view for explorer? i know its possible to do detail view by default... but not sure which reg tweak can make this possible any help is much appreciated
  3. Display adapters needed for 1024x768

    have you guys tried this ?
  4. How do i add extra stuff thats not in nlite

    oh i wish someone handed me easy answers. to begin start here ---> click me for these try thisfor these try thisand also check this and this so you know wat and where registries to add, other way to do it too like "Reg2Inf". and for this its bit more complex achieve (maybe someone else can help) try the others first.good luck.
  5. SATA drivers and no floppy

    give us some more info in wat ur doin ? .. wat driver if YOU dont have access to floppy .. then download driver again and install it again on ur system.. after installation is over (i am guessing its Intel Matrix Storage Manager). go in C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\ there will be 2 folders named "Driver" and "Driver64" select open folder "Driver" if YOU 32 bit system or open "Driver64" for 64 bit system .. copy it contents to another folder and integrate (select the folder where YOU have saved all the files from programing folder) and select only the one for hard drive (YOU can find wat drive YOU have by goin thru device manager). hope that helps
  6. Hard Drive driver NEEDED!

    my 2 cent open device manager. expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and make note of the drive name there. then download Floppy Configuration Utility - Intel Matrix Storage (its 32 bit) do a floppy extraction and then copy all the files from the floppy to a folder. Now integrate it on nlite driver integration page. (select multiple driver so nlite will select driver automatic and you wont get confused) after YOU select txt mode driver, one more window will pop up, select the one YOU have noted from device manager. it should work. give us feed back on how that work for ya.
  7. BuufXp Universal Shellpack

    can someone guide please guide me how do i remove the media player skin that came with shellpack... since it has left media player 11 unfunctional
  8. Can i integrate?

    can someone help me with this.. with Reg2Inf i converted my reg to inf .. and made cab file which i integrated as hotfix in nlite. but soon after that my setup stopped when its was loadin hivedef.in and told me line 643 is corrupted and setup can not continue press f3 to restart... so i deleted and line 643.. and started setup again. again same error but this time line 644.. so i decided to delete similar entires, there were about 5 after that setup went fine but at t13 it gave me Advanced INF Install Error.. and when finally desktop was loaded.. but somehow it broke ie7 installation and didnt apply any of the nlite tweaks. any help if much appreciated here is the tweak cab TWEAKS.CAB
  9. Can i integrate?

    but where should it be added in nlite?.. should i make cab file.. in with i have inf file.. which has [registry_addreg] in it will that work?
  10. GuiRunOnce doesnt work

    thanks Yzöwl .. i eventually figured it out .. (can i be more dumb) .. oh well thanks again
  11. on the first boot... lil box pops up sayin .. system cannot fine path "C:\Install\batch.cmd" and blah blah ba so on.... basically i want to integrate few registry in my unattended setup. and after reading alot about it. i think GuiRunOnce is way to go. since some of the registry wont get imported if its ran at T-12. according to Registry Tweaks Introduction also according to Overview of $OEM$ Distribution Folders i have following setup in my unattended setup my layout is: C:\XP\$OEM$\$1\Install\ Location of batch.cmd --> C:\XP\$OEM$\$1\Install\batch.cmd Location of tweaks.reg --> C:\XP\$OEM$\$1\Install\tweaks.reg (with is pose to be copied to C:\Install\) in my batch file REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\tweaks.reg in WINNT.SIF [GuiRunOnce] "%systemdrive%\Install\batch.cmd" moreover i also have monoff.exe file in C:\XP\$OEM$\$1\$$\system32 (which should be copied to system32 folder) but i dont see setup copyin anythin i make cd with nlite and i add above setting to the unattended setup after the nlite procedure. (before burnig final image to cd of course) so far i have only mastred successfully (atleast i think i do) integrateing my drivers and programes that intall from SVCPACK. i would like to learn more about GuiRunOnce but i havent had any successful results with it. can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? and why it doesnt copy anything?
  12. few minor issues with 1.03 rc 2

    i checked both .. darg and drop wasnt disabled.. and keep windows taskbar on the top of others were ticked.. well i ended up remakein cd... and new one doest seem to have that problem so thanks anyways
  13. few minor issues with 1.03 rc 2

    i am only 2 minor issues.... 1. i cant right click any items on start menu (well after i click nothing pops up..) 2. when task bar is moved to other location(s) then of its default location (say.. if i move it to the top of the screen) .. and than i have any other windows maximized.. it goes behind the taskbar.. and that really bugs me.. i have no access to (maximize, restore or close of that window). EDIT: (it overlaps any window even when its down) (please help) is there is anyway around these issues? thanks in advance vipul LAST_SESSION.INI
  14. IE7 Crashes after installing Flash Player

    figured out wat casused IE to crash ... if YOU install Flash player and also enable "enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks" crashes IE.
  15. IE7 Crashes after installing Flash Player

    yea its latest flash player.. i ended up .. reinstallin vista... and it worked fine.. i dont know wat was up with that thanks for the reply spooky