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  1. yes, when I try to install windows from inside of WinPE. But now it runs correctly. Simply I ran the AutoStreamer patch using only i386 folder of the original cd. ..and i get the error. Then i patched the entire cd and runs correctlyl thanks a lot 4the answers!!!
  2. ok, that's right. Now diskpart runs very well. but.... now I have another question: I have pacthed my Windows Sp1 cd to --> sp2 with AutoStreamer, and I make a WinPE boot cd with the lastest version of BartPE.. but when I start installation of winxpsp2 from command-line, windows asks me some files (20-30 files) like: acverfyr.dll asfsipc.dll dbmsadsh.dll dxmrtp.dll ...in my win-sp2 cd I haven't got these files, but they are in my previous version sp1!!! how can I start a win xp2 installation correctly from winpe-command-line?!? why I alredy haven't got these files!? thanx a lot!
  3. hi! ... and really sorry for my very poor english I made a bootable live windows CD from BartPE Version 3.0.32 and source files from a Windows XP Professional (SP1 -->pacth-->) SP2 cd. but... when from the comand-line I run "diskpart" ...it doesn't go!!! I have an error sounds like: "impossible to complete the operation for the serivices of management disc" (for italian users: "impossibile completare l'operazione per i servizi di gestione disco") my hd is installed on UltraATA133 channel of nForce2 mainboard... helppp! I really need to run diskpart
  4. mkill


    It works very fine! thanx !
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