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  1. It doesnt work here... (XP Pro) I think the Taskbar key is not machine independent. And u will loose all taskbar icons beside the clock if u kill explorer. I suggest to run systray.exe at the end. A delay is needed to wait until explorer has finished loading otherwise running systray will be useless. : Kill explorer TASKKILL /im EXPLORER.EXE /f >NUL 2>&1 : Restart explorer START EXPLORER.EXE : Delay 1,111 sec PING -n 1 -w 1111 > NUL 2>&1 : Restore taskbar icons START SYSTRAY.EXE
  2. Press the PrintScreen key on ur keyboard and go to Start/Run. Then type mspaint and hit Enter. When Paint is opened press CTRL-V. Cut the Picture to ur needs. Save it as JPEG and youre done. Hope that helps. Best regards Maze
  3. Hello, I would like to know if u know how to boot xp pro sp3 faster. With xp pro sp1 i could get this machine booting to the desktop in 5 to 7 seconds. After slipstreaming sp3 unto the xp pro cd it takes now 25-30 secs. I deleted/disabled any unneeded services and taskmanager shows 12-13 running processes after booting. Windows drive is also defragmented using diskeeper 9 pro and i used every logon/network tweak i found and disabled the boot screen. I disabled sfc... performance counters and dep and i tweaked windows thread handling/memory management and IO cache. Prefetching is also set up. Windows is now pretty fast apart from booting. SP3 was booting in 5 seconds once right after installing vistamizer then it went back to the normal 25 seconds... Is there a way to speed up booting xp sp3 without loosing (network) functionality? If someone knows how to boot it faster please let me know. Maze
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