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  1. My way of doing OS installation in my hdd is that I use a boot cd to boot my machine is DOS or use MINIPE like utilities to boot my machine. Then I use file managers to delete my existing windows installation. By which I am meaning that I delete folders named Program FIles, Documents and Settings, Windows etc. It is not possible for me to format the drive because there are other important files in it. Then I use my XP cd to install OS. But last week I installed windows vista. After using vista for a couple of days I have decided to uninstall it. To my utter surprise when I boot my machine form the cdrom, none of the file managers were able to delete any file for vista's partition. I had also XP installed in another drive. Even from XP I cannot delete files from the drive where vista is installed. I am not getting the whole scenerio. Both XP and vista was installed in NTFS partitions but XP cannot have delete permissions on vista drive. Has microsoft updated the NTFS file system for vista, so now xp cannot delete anything from the drive where vista is installed? Anyone know something about this issue pls help me and is there any way to delete vista files from boot cds or windows XP??
  2. Today I installed Windows XP with latest driverpack which has Ati Catalyst 6.3. But no luck. The same error is occuring. I am not a tweaking guru. I searched www.ati.com for finding solution of my error. But also no solution is found there. I installed fresh windows XP with no driverpack. Then installed official ATI Catalyst driver 6.3 and also installed moded driver called NGO Optimized driver and Softmoded driver from "www.techpowerup.com/softmod/". None of them showed me that resolution error. So, I think the error may be happening due to driverpack. And one last request to Bâshrat the Sneaky, there is still ati control center version of new ati drivers as I see it in NGO optimized driver. Please enable ati control center to install by default (remove catalyst control center), because only a few people (who r tweaking guru) have dot net runtime slipstreamed into their windows xp installation cd. And for this dumb decision of Ati's to make it's driver with runtimes like dot net which does not comes preinstalled with windows xp and very slow in nature due to dot net framework, i will never buy a vga card from ati. They should learn that users try to manage their hardware with softwares that can run fast, easily and with no additional softwares (dot net runtime) install to run it.
  3. I am using the driverpacks for quite a long time. But problem started when the support for ATI catalyst control center is enabled. I am using 17 inch philips monitor and my vga card is ATI Radeon 9600. After installing windows xp, my video resolution is 800/600. I set it to 1024/768. But when i restart my machine my resolution is again set at 800/600. This is happening again and again. My resolution is not saved and everytime i start my machine , video resolution auto sets to 800/600. This problem started for new driver packs where catalyst control center is used. i've not used driverpack for ati catalyst driver 6.3. Right now i'm downloading the new driver pack A,B,C. But i don't know whether the problem is fixed. Any one have a solution for my problem, please help me.
  4. I am a new user of wpi. Yesterday after adding my softwares to wpi I disable the options, menuals buttons from wpi so that further editing is not possible. But now I want to add a new software. But i don't know jscript or that type of language. Can anyone please tell me how can I reenable my options, config and manual button. Which file of WPI i have to edit and how. Another important issue as WPI is constantly improving and releasing new version. As a new user i always add my softwares from the scratch. But is there any way where can a copy my current softwares list and their settings in the new version of wpi.
  5. I know how to create and use "iss" file in installshield setup. But i look at some disgusting configuration of iss file. Say for example power dvd 6 [{6811CAA0-BF12-11D4-9EA1-0050BAE317E1}-SdAskDestPath-0] szDir=C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD Result=1 szDir is the directory where powerdvd will install. But i want to setup powerdvd in the the drive where my windows is install. In other setup like inno setup, nsis the software usually install in the "program files" where the windows is installed. I tried to use "%ProgramFiles%\CyberLink\PowerDVD", but installshiled doesn't recognize windows environmental variables. So, is there any way of installing software silently by determining in which drive windows is installed
  6. if your problem is not solved already, then try this. if u make your image with nero and other some image making software it gives this error. please make your image with cdimage - a command line tools from microsoft and there is also a gui version available named cdimagegui. search these soft in google or msfn. in cdimage only enable iso9660 filesystem. do not eanble joilet filesystem, it creates problem if you r creating a multiboot dvd
  7. i'm trying to make a dvd from visual studio.net 2003 cds. i've msdn cds and prerequisite cd. i want to put call the cds into dvd and run setup from dvd. can anyone help me.

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