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  1. You can download both the original (pre-SP1) language packs as well as the new, not yet officially released, SP1 language packs from the link in my post further up in this thread. The new language packs were apparently released to MSDN subscribers and leaked. As far as integrating an SP1 language pack into a new SP1 disk, I have no yet tried that. However, what Magic writes is correct, I'm sitting on that installation right now. Makes a bit of sense too; if you have Vista and a language pack installed, and install SP1 from Windows Update or whatever, you are essentially doing the same thing -- updating to SP1 but only having a pre-SP1 language pack. That's why I think these new language packs are a bit mysterious, and strange that Microsoft really doesn't mention them. The Windows Vista Blog has some blurb about it, but the person who wrote that post writes so poorly it's hard to decipher what he's really talking about; the Service Pack or the Language Pack or both.
  2. It worked fine for me, that is (with vLite): Vista RTM (English) -> RTM Language Pack (Swedish) -> SP1 Slipstream (All languages) -> Removals Sitting on that system now, and have not noticed any corruptions and all parts so far seem translated. Though if I notice anything wrong I'll know what the problem is and redo all above, but with the mysterious SP1 language packs, for some reason yet (?) to be officially released. Do you have the link to that Technet article? Cheers
  3. I haven't used my Vista installation yet, so don't know if there are any untranslated parts due to using the pre-SP1 language pack and then slipstreaming with SP1. Both the Windows Vista Blogs and other sources are really confusingly using "language packs" and the new all-languages service packs interchangeably. That is, when they are talking about the Vista SP1 with language support for all 30(something) languages, they are calling it "language packs", which is a bit confusing. For example this Computer World article: http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...ticleId=9078018 Title is "Microsoft releases remaining Vista SP1 language packs", but they are not really talking about language packs as we know them, but just about SP1 installation files. Language packs for me are the 150MB (something) cab files you can download from Windows Update when you have Vista Ultimate or any other version that supports multi languages. So the question is if you need new (SP1) language packs to go with your Vista SP1. This site seems to have direct download links to the new SP1 language packs: http://www.tipandtrick.net/2008/windows-vi...cial-downloads/ So my new questions would be: 1. How does all the stuff I've been talking about above really work? 2. How would you go about installing all this with vLite? First integrate the new SP1 language packs (if they exist) to a non SP1-Vista? And then slipstream with SP1. Or first slipstream with SP1, and then integrate the new SP1 pack. This obviously did not work for the pre-SP1 language pack (see first posts in this thread). Nuhi, others, any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for that Magic, tried it and it worked perfectly. I did remove a little less stuff than last time, but seems to be the LP that screwed it up. Cheers.
  5. I had a bit of problem with nLite (1.1.6 RC) and the new all-languages Vista SP1. 1. Loaded a fresh Vista (English 32-bit) into vLite. I've vLited this version before with no hassles. But this was as I said a fresh set of setup files 2. Integrated the new Vista SP1 all languages (the full file w/ all languages, 544MB) 3. Integrated the Swedish language pack (because according to MSDN, the full SP1-wave1 contains the lp:s for all languages) 4. Removed some stuff as usual. Nothing hardcore; languages, media center, windows search and similar stuff (did not make a preset file unfortunately). 5. Installed Result: Installer loops after installation with the classic "Installing Service Pack 3/3 100%" thing. So, could this have to do with the new wave1-servicepack and/or the swedish language pack? Thanks for a very useful tool!

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