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  1. [Help] Video Issue During Boot

    Here is the strange part... I've had this monitor for 6 months now and was using it with my last computer. I did not have any issues then. Other than hardware, the other major difference from the old comp is that I was running XP Pro SP1 then and now its XP Pro SP2. Last night I updated my BIOS thinking that may have something to do with it. I used Gigabyte's @BIOS software which runs in Windows. After the update was complete it asked me to reboot the system. On he first boot after the BIOS update, the XP load screen appeared just fine. So I thought I had it fixed and rebooted again. Now its back it the same 2 issues as in the original post.
  2. [Help] Video Issue During Boot

    Nope, the CD is not nLited. It's an OEM Windows XP disk.
  3. [Help] Video Issue During Boot

    I just put together a custom build for myself over the weekend and have a strange video error when XP SP2 boots. When the Windows XP load screen should appear (with the progress bar below the windows logo) I get 1 of 2 errors: 1) "Video Mode Not Supported" appears 2) It will flash from gray to white then to a colored screen (Red, Green, Blue and White horiztonal bars, each are 1/4 of the screen) and continue looping through these 3 screens. After a bit, XP will load properly and everything works fine. I am just concerned about those weird screens during the boot. I have tried the following: -reinstalling video drivers -reinstalling monitor inf files -running fixboot from the ASR (On the first boot after running the ASR the screen will display properly. Any reboot after that and the above two errors happen) -I checked the BIOS and all settings appear to be correct. -The adapter settings in windows are correct and are not set to any resolution/refresh rate that is not supported by my monitor. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced for any help. Please NOW in Microsoft Windows XP section, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. See rules --Sonic
  4. FSB Performance Question

    The Gigabyte K8NSC-939 will support the Opteron 148 but only supporst 1600Mz HT while the processor is capable of 2000Mhz HT. Will this cause a noticeable decrease in performance? Can the computer actaully use all of that bandwidth?
  5. FSB Performance Question

    Huge thanks for the Opteron recommendation. I hadn't even considered that option and now I am going to order it before they are discontinued next month. Do you have any mobo ideas? I am going to keep the AGP card for this build and worry about PCI-E next time around. Thats why I wanted to keep this build on a tight budget.
  6. FSB Performance Question

    I'll explain my situation and try to make as much sense as possible. About a month or two ago I purchased an ASUS X800 Pro AGP graphics card thinking I wouldn't be upgrading my entire comp this soon. As luck would have it someone offered me good money for my current PC (w/ my old 9700 Pro in it). I would like to keep the X800 Pro AGP card and upgrade the rest. I know this forces me to use a nForce 3 motherboard. I guess my biggest concern/question is with what mother board to buy. Here is what I have picked out so far. Any suggestions/changes to the hardware is welcome. Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice Core Memory: Corsair XMS 2x512. Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 250Gb Sata DVD/CD Drive: Asus Dual Layer DVD-RAM IDE DVD Burner Case: Aspire X-Cruise w/ 420Watt PSU Total without the motherboard = $572.96 USD
  7. FSB Performance Question

    I am going to build a new 64 bit computer in the next few weeks (finally upgrading the trusty Athlon 2200+). Will I notice any performance difference between an 800Mh FSB and 1000Mhz FSB? I am trying to stay on a tight budget with this build and would like to know the difference in performance, if any, between the two. This is going to be a gaming rig so I'd like to get the most "bang for my buck"
  8. I just ordered the Logitech Momo racing wheel which connects to a PC through USB. I relentlessly searched google and found 2 different people that said the Momo works well with Xbox. Both mention that it works but they don't say how its done. Is there anything more to it than buying a USB > Xbox adapter? Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.
  9. video game console

    Your choice of platforms basically boils down to personal preference. For me its been Xbox all they way. I have never been impressed with a console system that Sony has produced. I hated the chopy/pixelated graphics in PS1 and though that the graphics power of PS2 lacked as well. If you ever get a chance to compare Xbox/PS2 side to side, do it. My roomate had a TV that was by far superior to mine, yet the graphics on the Xbox (and my crappy TV) still looked more impressive. Graphically Xbox is far more powerful and the games play much smoother. Another factor that I look at is load/save time. I cannot stand how much longer PS2 takes. For me, it really distracts from the experience of the games. You play a level and are sucked into the environment that it creates, then you die and PS2 take forever to reload. Here is my two cents about game selection: PS2 loyalists have been re-hashing this whole game selection argument since the Xbox hit the stores. The fact of the matter is that you don't recognize the Xbox game because its not Crash Bandicoot #274 (or {insert title here} version 4). There are a ton of original titles for the Xbox that will keep you more than entertained. The games are definately high quality, fun and entertaining. IMO the game/quality ration is much higher than PS2. Here is my four cents about the controller: I had to admit it. I was a huge fan of the PS controller because of the L & R buttons, especially after playing the gigantic bulky controllers that originally shipped with Xbox. That was about the worst marketing mistake Xbox could have made. Then, with the introduction of the controller S (which is now standard with new systems) I was hooked. Microsoft got it right. They are smaller, more compact, and very comfortable in your hand. I also think that Xbox games utilize the dual analog stick much more efficiently than PS2 games do. The hard drive is another huge bonus for the Xbox. There are so many games out where you have to listen to the same repetitve music over and over. Most song that I can't stand anyways. The ability to rip music to the HD and integrate that into the games is great. Besides you never run out of storage space for saved games. Final Though: Do your research and see which feature are more appealing to you. My choice... Xbox hands down.
  10. Im not sitting in from of Dreamweaver at the moment, so you'll have to excuse me if I don't remember the details. If you set the cursor in the area where you wish to add the text, look in the property inspector. There is a dropdown list that can change the formatting. (None, Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) Change that box to "Preformatted Text" and it won't double space when you press return. From there you can still edit how you want the font and whatnot to look.
  11. This is my first attempt at a website. I designed the interface in fireworks and am editing the rest of it in Dreamweaver. I don't understand why everytime I try to fill in text it double spaces. Whats the deal? I can't find anything in the help or on the Macromedia website. How do I stop dreamweaver from doing this?
  12. I have a user here who is trying to print a Plain Text (I screwed up the subject line) e-mail message (He is checking the formatting before he sends it to clients). The message has a PDF document as an attachment. When you look at the print out, Outlook randomly insterts the PDF file icon in the body of the message. Is there any way to force Outlook to place this icon in a better location? Any help would be greatly appriciated.