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  1. upgrading 0.94 to the 0.95 version is a "must" hahaha!! well, thank you to all, so I'm going to manually update the most common "setup extractor apps" http://legroom.net/software/uniextract#credits
  2. yes I know, but PEiD version 0.95 don't work and this is the MOST useful part of Universal Extractor. ----- What is PEiD? http://www.peid.info/ (PEiD official page). PEiD detects most common packers, cryptors and compilers for PE files. It can currently detect more than 600 different signatures in PE files. ----- screenshot (Universal Extractor v1.6 comes with PEiD 0.94 and not supports PEiD 0.95).
  3. Anyone knows other program like Universal Extractor? This question is because soon or later "Universal Extractor" will be dead or at least obsolete.
  4. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    They register DLL files as Shell Extensions in order to do that. Universal Extractor simply uses the registry to add its context menu options. Yes I know, but would be very hard to create a dll shell extension? yes, this too, I wish an "iconified and cascading context menu shell extension"
  5. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    can you add an icon in context menu items? like winrar:
  6. AutoIt Error when extracting archive

    same error happened to me last month and I had to format my hard drive but... I suspect the error come from your "corrupt" registry. In my case I remember that I ran some registry cleaners software and deleted some "environment variables" of windows... so I recommend a format
  7. legroom.net DON'T LOAD :S

    http://www.legroom.net/ DON'T LOAD. 30/09/2008, 12:15pm GMT -3
  8. Application Version Tracker

    thank you!!! It's wonderful that firefox add-on http://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/3830
  9. Application Version Tracker

    I recommend software SECUNIA: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System...Inspector.shtml