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  1. You know how a normal copy of windows xp loads in windows so you can install it over whichever copy of windows you have? How can I make a nlite version of windows xp load/boot in windows? Thank You.
  2. The bios does not support or have an option to boot from a CD drive. The computer is a Fujitsu Lifebook B-2630. Is there any way to make the nlite stripped windows boot from dos? like booting a normal windows xp in dos using the winnt.exe? OR To boot a BartPE CD from dos? OK, I found something called BCDL - Bootable CD Loader http://bootcd.narod.ru/bcdl150z.zip which is supposed to boot a bootable CD through a floppy but it never detects my usb CD drive. I also have a win98 startup disk that boots into dos with CD support and it always detects my usb CD drive using the panasonic driver (usbaspi.sys). Is there anyway to edit the BCDL disk to make it load the driver from the win 98 startup disk?
  3. I need to install windows xp sp2 on a laptop that does not have a floppy drive or a CD drive, but I have an external usb floppy drive and an external usb CD drive. I can install a normal copy of windows xp sp2 using microsofts 6 floppy boot disks, but I have a small hard disk (6GB) so I'm trying to install a stripped down version of windows xp sp2 using nlite. The problem with the nlite stripped version (booted using the 6 floppy disks) is that it gives me an error message when copying the setup files which says that it cannot copy a certain file and its not only one file. Any help is really appreciated. Forgot to add, I have the latest bios on the laptop and it does not support/have an option to boot from a CD drive.