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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    I have XP french version on my new Toshiba Satellite Pro A200, and want the english xp. Do any of you have experience using nlite to install a new version of xp english overtop of a french version of xp? The laptop came with a cd for xp, vista and bios. I tried and now at boot up am given the choice to install xp (new english) or start up xp (existing french). When I choose the install option i got the error, hard disk not found.
  2. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    it is not apparent which file to choose. nlite asks to Select a Service Pack Executable, but autorun and setup seem to be the only executables in the I386 directory. Would the file be hidden? i have attached prtscrn (jpg) files to illustrate. Thank you.
  3. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    i am new to nlite and installing xp. i bought a new Toshiba laptop in Tunis and want to remove XP french and replace it with XP english (Windows XP Professional Corp Service Pack 3, 2006 v.2.0) 1. i am reading the nlite directions from http://www.nliteos.com/guide/part1.html to part 3. 2. i take it that for SP3 i need to use beta 2 nlite, but that the above guide can lead me through the steps. 3. then i copy the I386 directory from the english version of SP3 to a folder on the desktop (my SP3 CD has other folders on it as well) 4. i download nlite beta 2 and run it to do the installation of xp professional sp3. Are the above 4 steps correct? thanks for your help