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  1. "My Documents" at startup

    You mean you shouldn't respond to threads on page 509? BUMP !!
  2. Change L/Hand Side Options in "Look In" "Save As"

    Cheers gianboy, Why do the things that give me a big headache always have a simple answer ?? !!
  3. Could anybody please tell me where to look / is it possible to change any of the options :- Recent Documents; Desktop; My Computer; My Documents and Network Places; that appear down the left hand side border in the "Save As"; "Look In" etc. windows. I never use the 1st or last option and I have a couple that would be much more useful to me. TIA Elmer
  4. Ho Hum !! Quite right Altruist,, CHECK THE BLOODY INI FILE !!! Err, what .ini file (it was there, but only said [.ShellClassInfo] !!). I must have, at some stage hit the 'no' instead of 'yes' when asked do I want to save the changes. I now have another issue regarding the My Docs folder but I'll start a new thread for that. Thanx for the help anyway matey.
  5. Visual Task Tip

    I've only recently came across this little gem, but it's only spoilt by the ugly cream n black tooltips that appears above them ! After best part of 48hrs of trying to disable these tooltips I'm turning to you lot for help ! I can disable every other tooltip and balloon tip but can't figure this one out at all, I get the feeling this is one of M$'s 'you can't adjust' options. Does anyone know, as an option, if you can adjust the time these tooltips show for ? My thinking is, set them to zero. Any Help appreciated. TIA Elmer
  6. AN UPDATE. Lucas John made his World Premiere appearance at 17.25 hrs on the 25/07/08 weighing in at a healthy ( painful !! ) 8lb 10ozs. What ? Oh, you wanna know about the PC problem. Thanks for your help Jedmeister, I couldn't get the PC to recognise both HDD via manually setting the BIOS. However, sticking the Maxtor HDD with needed data as the master on the CD-Rom "line", all data safely recovered, copied over to the Seagate HDD AND backed up to a couple of CD's. Now if only I can get windoze to recognise the cd-rom I took out................
  7. Background (Info purposes only) Well, I used NOD32 Security Suite on a 60 day trial without a problem, and if I hadn't been made redundant I would of kept it. When I removed it I discovered that windows firewall wouldn't start as it "cannot find ICS module" so I downloaded another 3rd party firewall, but the "pop-ups" really got me down so out came my XP SP2 Home Edition CD and I ran repair (after the "hit F8 to accept the terms one). During this repair run I was told that Windoze could not find various .dll files (one of 'em Movie Maker) and to search manually, which I did succesfully, but was confused, is that not what a repair run is all about, repair ? The only one I couldn't find was ICFGNT.DLL which, after reading the web is no surprise as it is not part of XP SP2 Home. Bear with me, we are getting closer !! Ever since that repair run I've been unable to boot the HDD, Maxtor, any further than past the white progress bar after the POST screen, before it recycles back to the start (Loop Of Death sans Blue Screen). So I ran chkdsk c: /r which told me I had 2/3rds of the HDD unused, then ran Seatools om the Long and short test runs, neither found "broken" partitions. I did the "repair registry hives", fixboot and MBR repair but still couldn't boot the bugger! Now we are getting really close !! Out came my old HDD, Seagate, and ran the same Disc on it, booted in, connected web, etc. etc. with the idea to recover/transfer much needed data from the Maxtor disk to the Seagate disk before a complete scrub of the Maxtor. We're There !! (Hello Anyone still there ? ) HOW TO RUN 2 HDD ON AN OLD (IDE) PC (450W PS, 133Mhz, AMD Athlon PSU, 512mb Ram, 20Gb Seagate, 60Gb Maxtor,) IDE Akasa 80 strand 2 way cable, blue to MoBo, grey to Maxtor, black to Seagate, Seagate jumper set to Master, Maxtor slave, BIOS only sees Seagate**. Swap the two HDD over, set Maxtor jumper as Master, BIOS sees no HDD**. Remove Maxtor from black plug, BIOS sees Seagate as a primary slave, so I then put the Maxtor in its place and BIOS sees it as the primary slave. Stick the Seagate back onto the black plug BIOs sees that but now ignores the Maxtor **. **Powered down, of course, between each of these changeovers. How the hell can I get this Packard Bell PC to recognise two HDD. I believe I can set one up to the CD-ROM connection to grab the data if I have to. PLEASE HELP ! Any suggestions will be tried and reported back, that may take a few days as I'm about to become a Grandad and I'm off to see my Daughter 'n the new 'un. TIA Elmer.
  8. Anyway to make SP3 look like Sp2 to install program?

    Change back after you are finished otherwise (like me) you may end up with M$ keep trying to sell you SP3 and/or related updates. Before I changed mine I ''exported'' it, then did the same after I changed it, now I have a simple 2 click method to go back and forth to SP2 ~ SP3 via a simple regedit.
  9. Win XP SP3 Home I must be missing some thing really simple here but it is now becoming compulsive to change this icon ! The one I'm talking about is at :~ C:\Documents and Settings\My User Account\My Documents. The only options I have in properties of this folder are General and Sharing. It doesn't show me an icon allocation path so I cannot change the Icon there. It's driving me bloody potty !! I've changed all the other ''My documents'' and "My Account'' folders OK by editing Shell32.dll ~ mydocs.dll and looking in the register and checking all entries (!) for the CLSID {450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103} for My Docs. It seems to me that in the registry shell folders this one starts life being known as ''Personal'' but cannot find any other references let alone a default icon for this one. I beseech thee ! Please HELP !! I don't want this as a bog standard fawn colour! I Shall end up being driven to drink at this rate (HMmmm, not a bad idea!) Elmer