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  1. Nevermind, fixed it... Just restarted the computer, the hardware entry was there again, searched for updates within my computer, and bam, got it working again.
  2. This has probably been posted before here, but for the life of me I can't find it... After ignoring the updates for a while and not downloading them, they eventually downloaded themselves and I didn't realize it. Anyway, next time I turn on my computer, my mouse doesn't work. I tried installing the drivers from the internet, registry restore and the f8 hardware repair thing, and nothing works. Touchpad's still fine, but the USB mouse refuses to work. I initially got an error that the drivers had to install and it attempted to do it automatically (minding that I've had this mouse for months now, it's worked before this) and it couldn't finish, then I tried to go into hardware options and tweak it, and when I said "enable this hardware" the entry vanished... The weird part is when I went into the repair utilities on startup, the mouse actually works normally. It's only when I start windows that it refuses to work or even acknowledge that a mouse is there. I've scoured the interbutt for answers and can't find them, so maybe someone here can help a poor inept baby nerd of a computer user to get his mouse working again. I'd really appreciate it...
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