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  1. What exactly do you mean with baseline? I have included the drivers into the Installation of OS but some drivers need Additional Software to be installed and the option would also be nice for some other things.
  2. there is no need to add a second default to the switch it would be ok to add one or two additional software-items to the switch. for example wpi.hta check=default1 additem=driver1 or wpi.hta check=default1 additem=driver2 so all the software from default1 will be selected and the driver1 or driver2 is checked. That should be easier to realize when parsing the commandline switches
  3. ok an expample default1 contains software1,2,3 default2 contains software2,3,4 so if i additionally have driver1, driver2, driver3, driver4..... i would have to create: default1 contains software1,2,3 and driver1 default2 contains software1,2,3 and driver2 default3 contains software1,2,3 and driver3 default4 contains software1,2,3 and driver4 and default5 contains software2,3,4 and driver1 default6 contains software2,3,4 and driver2 default7 contains software2,3,4 and driver3 default8 contains software2,3,4 and driver4 but i would like to only create default1 containing software1,2,3 and defau
  4. Yes but we have 4 defaults Notebook in German and Englisch and Workstation in German and Englisch, but we have about 10 different Hardware Configurations needing different Drivers. So i would have to create these 4 defaults for all 10 Hardware Configurations, what means that i will have 40 diffferent defaults. But if i create only Driver-Packages for each hardware configuration i could run wpi from commandline using the check=Notebook_ENG switch and for example using the switch addsoftware=DriverPackage1 to install all the defaults from Notebook_ENG and additionally this DriverPackage1. Or is
  5. It would be very nice to have a commandline argument to check 1 or 2 additional software packages. So that you call wpi.hta with all item beeing selected that belong to the "Standard"-List and chose one or two additional software to be checked. So it would be possible to make for example Lists for Standard and Pro Workstations but you can call a softwarepackage from commandline with special drivers or something like that. Thx Daniel
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