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  1. Hmm. AVG no longer works with Windows 2000. Any other options...? T_T
  2. Hi. I have a very old ???MHz (probably less than 1GHz), 128mb RAM and 11gb HD-equipped laptop running Windows 2000 SP4. I just newly formatted it seeing as a regular XP release ran super slow on this unit. I tried running avast 5 on it, but it really drained a lot of the RAM even if I shut off the auto-update and sounds. Is there something just as good or at least can perform decently on a Windows 2000 OS? If not, is there a way to make avast 5 lighter or something? I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Also, I heard something about cloud antiviruses being super light, but none of the ones I found are compatible with Windows 2000. Is there even such a thing for this OS?
  3. How do I do this? Where do I get the driver?
  4. 1) What is the difference between a 32-bit OS and a 64-bit OS? 2) What's so special about a Media Center Edition? What makes it so different from the normal Windows XP? 3) Is 32-bit = x64 and 64-bit = x86? I'm still new to OS tweaking and I'd like the differences between these. I hope someone answers these questions soon.
  5. Hi. I tried to reformat my PC with Windows XP, but when it was still setting up, it says that Windows cannot find a hard disk installed, then reboots the computer with a 15 second countdown. I boot it up normally, and I'm able to access the old Windows XP normally. What is wrong? Why can't I format my hard disk? P.S. My hard disk is SATA.
  6. I tried installing Win98SE on MS's VirtualPC 2007. For some reason, the bootdisk for Win98SE from www.bootdisk.com doesn't seem to work with it, with the VM saying its file size is wrong. What should I do?
  7. So, uh, seeing that running VMs increases CPU Heat and all, is it safe to run it on a 8 year old P4 2.0 GHz Processor with only 512 DDR2 RAM? And regarding this CPUIdle thing, on their website, it says "You can try CpuIdle for 30 days. If you come to the conclusion that you want to use either program after that time you must register". If I can't pay their 30$ fee, would I still be able to use it after 30 days? If not, should I stop using a VM? And which VM really is the best for running Win98SE and Win2k? (no need for ME/NT/other versions) Additional questions: Where SHOULD I install CPUIdle? My main OS or the VM OS? And how do I transfer files from the PC to the VM?
  8. Is there a Virtual Machine that can run Win98/2k? I'm currently using WinXP SP2 and the one I downloaded from MS Website doesn't have 98/2k on its list of bootable OSes. I need it for experimenting purposes. I would really appreciate your replies.
  9. Uh, no. I just wasn't online when you posted that. Now that i've read your replies, I will try them out as soon as i can. And yes, i was sort of forced to use that computer and that compiler (Borland Turbo C++ v5). They dont want to use Win98 because the students there often bring USB flash disk/discs and regular unmodified Win98 often needs a restart to recognize the thing, which annoys both the user and the administrator (and considering how old the computer is, it usually takes a while to reboot).
  10. I wanted to, but sadly i cant. the computer belongs to a school, so I cant' make any "unofficial" changes that aren't approved by MS.
  11. i used another pc for this. it was only p2 400-something mhz and 32mb ram. I still have this problem. im no good w/ technical stuff so i need help...
  12. This problem occurs on Win2k. It will prompt into task manager with ntvdm.exe,wowexec.exe and remind.exe.the speed of the computer will slow.how can i solve this problem.? other problems is it can double the current running application. example....when you save a file in Borland C++, it will duplicate the location of where the file was saved, creating numerous sub-folders. Here is a screenshot of the running programs. http://www.uploadking.net/download/m5qZjqr...4x7opmXoY+1wqWF
  13. I finally found the driver disks! They've been in our family's storage room for ages! Yahooo!! I'm actually typing this from the very same PC running Soporific's OS! Thanks Dave-H for your help! I never would have thought of searching for the driver disks if it weren't for you! You rock and this OS rocks!
  14. @dandnsmith I don't really know how to do all that. I know that SiS530 is supported by his OS, but the problem is that it just can't seem to detect my sound card. I don't know a thing about hardware and networking, so basically, I'm beside myself with worry @Dave-H I don't have the disks. This is just a 2nd-hand computer from an uncle's friend, so its probably still with em in another city.
  15. I just newly downloaded Soporific's Windows.98.UBCD and installed it on my old PC via clean install (formatting all hard disks, etc). It seems to be good and runs nice and fast on the thing, but my problem is that the OS can't seem to detect my internet and, despite the multiple drivers included in the CD, it doesn't detect my sound card! This PC is old, really old. Its basically an Athlon with an estimated processor speed of 700-something MHz and 128mb RAM. My internet connection is DSL and it goes through my LAN card. Sadly, even though I connected the modem to the LAN card, I still get no internet. How do I configure the Networking and stuff on it? I've absolutely no idea how to work with Windows 98, so I need some help from you guys. My mainboard's chipset is SiS 530 by the way.
  16. Wow. Thanks. I hope it works without any problems. If, by any chance, it doesn't work, is there any other program I can use?
  17. Is there an alternate defragment program for Windows 98 SE? I really don't want to use the one provided because its rather slow at what it does.

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