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  1. Ok so I have read about both programs and played around with both of them and they seem like great programs. RT7 seems like it has more features, but I really don't need much. So my question is currently which one gives best results? I just want to make an updated disk that is unattended and with a couple customizations. I check both and they both do about what I need. Any comments on which is currently the most reliable and thanks?
  2. Darn, well thank you very much for all of your help.
  3. I figured it didn't, I just noticed that somebody posted some switch's for it and was thinking that they were suppose to work with it. Anyways that brings me to the question if would you mind posting the source code for your autoit script to so that I could modify it for the retail version? Also would doing that work during the t-12 stage of windows install? Thanks for the help Johndoe and with all the installers you put together.
  4. I have Alcohol120 Retail and cant get it to install silently. I have tried the Alcohol120InstallerBlahBlahWhateverTheNameIs.exe /qn /REBOOT=ReallySuppress but it doesn't do anything if anybody could please explain to me what, if there are any, the silent install switches for it i would greatly appreciate it.

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