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  1. Well, if you have MS Windows XP Pro SP2 along with IE7, WMP11, Windows Live Messenger 8.1 installed, then, if you install all of the (currently 90) patches listed in the first post in this thread, your computer will be fully patched according to what Microsoft serves out in Windows Updates. If you do not have all of the add-ons listed (IE7, WMP11, Windows Live Messenger 8.1), you may need other patches as well. Is this for building an automated install CD or patching an existing installation? If the later (which it kinda sounds like), you'll likely want to use Windows Update instead.
  2. Four questions, four answers... kinda... 1) Which Hotifx? 2) Which Hotfix? 3) The Support ID would be a number associated with a Support account that you have already established with Microsoft. There is no generic Support ID that someone could share with you. 4) Which Hotfix? - John
  3. Well... according to the Internet Explorer Blog, it doesn't seem to include any patches, and they're not pushing it to people who already have it installed, so it's certainly not critical: It's hard to tell if it removes any patches, though. MS has been pretty good with not replacing newer files with older ones in their patches and some other installers. I'll try to test this tomorrow and let everyone know (unless someone else tests it first). - John
  4. The .NET Framework versions (1.1, 2.0, 3.0) aren't upgrades... they're different versions that can all exist on a single PC simultaneously. While you may indeed have .NET Framework 3.0 installed, you likely have .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 1.1 installed as well. KB933579 - Looks like this one may have been missed... was released August 14, 2007 KB934238 - This only applies to non-English versions of Windows XP KB925720 - This only applies to Windows XP with .NET 3.0 installed. I don't know what the list assumes as far as your .NET versions. - John
  5. WGA != WGA Notifications... they're two different things, and MS doesn't have a "normal" download for WGA. You have to get it from the web site (or your browser cache, which I'm trying now...) The KB article states that this patch will show up if you have the "Korean language Input Method Editor (IME)" on the Koreal Language edition of Windows, or if you have installed Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2003 (English version) or Korean language versions of the Microsoft Office 2003 products. In either case, this list is based on the English version of Windows and doesn't include Office-based patches. - John
  6. Guy, Thanks for the quick update for these two new patches. Why no correction of the "KB905474.exe /q:a /r:n" command at the same time? - John
  7. Hrm... my Vista computer *did* reboot last night due to patching activity (blowing away an unsaved text file...g rrrrr...) So... me too! - John
  8. No... the downloaded file works great with "/quiet /norestart /nobackup" without any unpacking. The issue is that the oft-updated first post of this thread instructs the user to use "/q:a /r:n" which doesn't work. - John
  9. I am using the downloaded file, renamed "KB905474.exe". No other changes. - John
  10. The switches are wrong. The "/?" dialog box pops up listing all valid switches, indicating that this should be "/quiet /norestart" instead of "/q:a /r:n" - John Crap... it could also be that I actually had left the "(cannot use the /integrate; option)" on my command line. Crap. Well... I fixed that, but the error still stands. The switches are wrong and need to be changed to "/quiet /norestart".
  11. The switches are wrong. The "/?" dialog box pops up listing all valid switches, indicating that this should be "/quiet /norestart" instead of "/q:a /r:n" - John Crap... it could also be that I actually had left the "(cannot use the /integrate; option)" on my command line. Crap.
  12. In Win XP: The switches are wrong. The "/?" dialog box pops up listing all valid switches, indicating that this should be "/quiet /norestart" instead of "/q:a /r:n" - John
  13. Hey there... Very first item in the XPSP2 list has an error The exe in the "Switches" line is missing a character; should be KB939... not KB99... (edit) Last-ish item too: Wrong exe.
  14. Nope. Slipstreaming is only possible with the Enterprise version of the Office System 2003. Sorry.
  15. Possibly a stoopid (or already asked) question, but... Why is the list of patches in reverse chronological order? I'd love to simply copy and paste the contents of the first post into my svcpack.inf, but aren't you supposed to apply them in chronological order? If so, you have to shuffle the entire list around from top to bottom in order to get them in the right order. Hopefully, I'm wrong, the existing list works great, and nobody needs to change a thing... but I don't think so... - John
  16. All, Is there anything I can download or hack in the registry to pre-load the "latest Windows Update software." After running my latest XP Unattended CD, everything woks great, but going to Windows Update gives me: "Get the latest Windows Update software." I could simply click on Okay and load it, but I'd like to *preload* it (y'know, the whole point of an unattended install ) Anyone have any ideas? I've watched for the files that are DLed for this install, but IE deletes them immediately after installing & DLing. There's no time to grab a copy (like I did for the Root Certs Update for 2000 B) ) - John
  17. Just the cookie stuff? That's what I can't get. All the others (empty temp int files, passive ftp, etc.) are working fine for me tho...
  18. Yzowl: What "advanced options" are you having problems with... I've got most of those licked... it's just my cookies that have crumbled.
  19. I'm trying to set the following settings for all (default) users: Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced... [X] Override automatic cookie handling First-party cookies (*) Accept Third-party cookies (*) Block [X] Always allow session cookies In a Settngs.reg file launched by cmdlines.txt, I have the following: ; Attempt at setting Cookie Settings to First-Party=Yes, Session=Yes, Third-Party=No [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3] "1A10"=dword:00000001 "{AEBA21FA-782A-4A90-978D-B72164C80120}"=hex:1a,37,61,59,23,52,35,0c,7a,5f,20,\ 17,2f,1e,1a,19,0e,2b,01,73,13,37,13,12,14,1a,15,2a,4e,2c,08,0d,20,1b,28,18,\ 36,32 "{A8A88C49-5EB2-4990-A1A2-0876022C854F}"=hex:1a,37,61,59,23,52,35,0c,7a,5f,20,\ 17,2f,1e,1a,19,0e,2b,01,73,13,37,13,12,14,1a,15,39,4e,2c,08,0d,20,1b,28,18,\ 36,32 It's not working. Is anyone doing this successfully? I've searched the forums on "+cookies +zone" with no luck...
  20. All, I have a randomly-named no-rights-for-admin directory at the root of C: on any machine I build with my XP CD. It only contains an SP2\UPDATE directory with a sigle file (update.exe) in it. You can't delete it -- even as admin! -- until you assign rights to it to admin. There's nothing else left to look at to tell which patch it is. Anyone have any ideas? - John
  21. Hey all... Just had this one show up on a PC based on the info in this thread: Q839643 (8th June 2004) Vulnerability in DirectPlay Could Allow Denial of Service Download - 435KB I'm using the following switches: KB839643.EXE /quiet /passive /norestart /n Why is this one not listed before now? Am I missing something? Is it assumed that we are all upgrading DirectX? (We're not.) (I'm not complaining... I just don't think we *all* could have missed this...) - John
  22. Veeeeeeery niiiiice. Oh well... I was worried about older patches stomping on the integrated files anyway.
  23. Hey there, I just entered "KB824151.EXE /?" to check out the switches myself (because that's just the way I am ) and saw a switch I don't remember seeing: Should we use this to integrate these patches into the CD instead of putting them into svcpack.inf? - John
  24. I beg to differ here... most of the corporate and educational people I know (myself included) are avoiding SP2 until vendors have a chance to update the software that it breaks. We probably will not be installing SP2 until some time in 2005. I'll post what I can in the way of hotfixes necessary for "XP SP1 Post-SP2"... maybe today...

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