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  1. I have a slipstreamed XP SP3 is there anyway of integrating this with Windows 7 upgrade (preordered)
  2. Thanks 1 and all for this tool. I have a SanDisk 2GB micro cruzer formatted NTFS SiSoftware Sandra Lite info: Benchmark Results SanDisk 2GB micro cruzer Device Index : 4922ops/minute Endurance Factor : 20.30 512bytes Files Test Read Performance : 115276ops/minute, 960.63kB/s, 6.40X Write Performance : 5308ops/minute, 44.23kB/s, 0.29X 32kB Files Test Read Performance : 26027ops/minute, 13.56MB/s, 92.54X Write Performance : 2045ops/minute, 1.07MB/s, 7.27X 256kB Files Test Read Performance : 5906ops/minute, 24.61MB/s, 167.99X Write Performance : 942ops/minute, 3.93MB/s, 26.79X 2MB Files Test Read Performance : 800ops/minute, 26.67MB/s, 182.04X Write Performance : 62ops/minute, 2.07MB/s, 14.11X 64MB Files Test Read Performance : 25ops/minute, 26.67MB/s, 182.04X Write Performance : 5ops/minute, 5.33MB/s, 36.41X 256MB Files Test Read Performance : 6ops/minute, 25.60MB/s, 174.76X Write Performance : 1ops/minute, 4.27MB/s, 29.13X This key is too slow to work correct?
  3. If i use nLite to integrate SATA drivers will i have a proper source for the WinSetupFromUSB program?
  4. A1. 1 sata hdd and 1 sata dvd; 2 GB; ACHI is enabled in BIOS if the SATA dvd was an issue what would it do A2. System not overclock was able to load XP PRO SP2 with BIOS set to IDE. A3. No only the text mode drivers. Per INTEL INTEL LINK So in BIOS SATA is set to RAID mode. (this worked on my home computer, but dvd is IDE) In nLite per instructions both iaACHI.inf and iaStor.inf are integrated. per your instructions I selected ICH10R SATA ACHI and ICH10D/DO SATA ACHI CONTROLLER. Why isn't Intel® 82801R/DO/DH SATA RAID Controller also listed?
  5. You should look into your mainboard manual. I checked my manual and the specs i could find at Intel for the DG45ID MB no mention of JMicron. DG45ID MB has 82801JR I/O Controller Hub (ICH10R) Per I used the ones you recommened. Are JMicron S-ATA drivers in addition to the Intel drivers for the ICH10R controller? Can i just include them weather there needed or not and OS will incorporate them if needed?
  6. Using INTEL DG45ID Motherboard How would I know if this board has JMicron S-ATA ports? Used the Intel SATA drivers for For Intel ICH10R Having downloaded that file and extracted contents Started nLite Integrated Drivers and created ISO and then burned to Disc. disc ran in VM but when I tried to install to new system stops after "Windows is now starting." "A problem has been detected.... Check Hard drive to make sure it is properly configured.... corruption STOP oxoooooo7b" Ran out of time needed to have computer running so changed BIOS to IDE Mode. Will get a second drive and try SATA latter Any thoughts?
  7. I'm new to slipstreaming however using the excellent tutorials, dBase, RyanVM and nLite I burned an unattended install disc including driver packs, SP-2, SP-POST and only had to supply workgroup name and user name. Fantastic-now working on the rest. However, a friend questions the safety of using (among other items) the DriverPacks- that my personal information on my computer is now or will be compromised from unknown nefarious programs possibly embedded in these packs. Either already existing or in some way added by other agents during the download or compromised in some fashion that would allow others ( i think he watched to much LOST) to exploit some unknown flaw introduced through the use of the above mentioned products. Please advise. If it were not for his background (network administrator) i'd file it with the rest of his conspiracy beliefs. Didn't know where else to post this or a proper topic heading.
  8. Guides i've found is at http://www.nliteos.com/guide/ Unfortunately it is for version 1.0 RC5 but it's a start- http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ One above is very good. just have to read alot of posts and compile your own notes if your doing more than slipstreaming XP2 and adding updates. I am also a newbie here- a few years ago i couldn't find "any key" but went on to build my own system -better to be thought a fool than not ask questions.
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