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  1. Bootable USB Drive Images

    Thanks! Now, here's another one for you. What is the best/easiest way to combine multiple random USB images onto one stick? In my head I'm thinking I'd like to combine a bootable Windows 7 image with an Acronis recovery image (True Image and Disk Director).
  2. Bootable USB Drive Images

    Hello all, I am working on making some bootable USB flash drives for various applications. I know with a lot of trial and error and some hackery, you can combine several. I am wondering if there is a quick and easy way to backup and restore images of USB flash drives and restore them just like you would with Acronis or some other imaging program. Now, I believe Acronis True Image will allow you to back up a USB flash drive, but I am not sure (haven't tried) restoring the image back to one. I am not sure if the image retains what the drive needs to be a bootable device or if that would be lost during the backup. Why all this? I'd like to create a store of flash drive images... so depending on what I am doing, I can just load up a particular image onto a flash drive. I don't want to have a stash of 25 flash drives!
  3. I used to use the ExportBitmapResolution registry setting to bump the resolution way up and save slides as images for a certain task I do frequently. With Office 2007 SP1, this feature is broken as described on my Experts Exchange post. They recently updated the Knowledge Base Article to reflect that this won't work in SP1. Does anyone have an alternative way of doing this? I would love a freeware program, but something that's cheap and very good (with frequent updates) would be acceptable. It has to be able to do all slides in batch. Thanks!