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  1. Source http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=521&pgno=0 ED#86 : Windows XP SP3 RTM Schedule & Updates! After we broke the story on the release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, we now have updated news and more details of the long-awaited Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Microsoft has also made some changes to when and how Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be released. Here are the details... 1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 will contain hotfixes and updates released since Windows XP SP2. It will also include an expanded set of product keys for Windows XP Professional that were originally introduced in Windows XP SP2c. 2. Microsoft clarified that there will not be any integrated SP3 release for Windows XP Media Center Edition or Windows XP Tablet Edition. That means you won't be able to buy or obtain a complete Windows XP Media Center Edition / Tablet Edition SP3 CD. In addition, users of Windows XP Media Center Edition or Windows XP Tablet Edition will only be able to update to Service Pack 3 through Windows Update. 3. All languages will now be released in two waves. Earlier, Microsoft said that languages support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be released in three waves. What was previously identified as wave 2 and 3 have now been combined into a single wave 2. 4. Microsoft has also delayed RTM for Windows XP Service Pack 3 to provide sufficient time to incorporate feedback from the beta testers. (In other words, they can't make their original deadline!) Due to the changes in language releases and Windows XP SP3 RTM's release, here's the updated schedule. Wave Languages Planned RTM 1 Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish Second half of April 2008 2 Arabic, Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, and Turkish Approximately 21 days after Wave 1 RTM With the exception of Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP Tablet Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be released in both standalone and integrated formats. It will be available in both CD and DVD formats, except for the Japanese language version which will only be in DVD format.
  2. Hi MSFN im hellhunter and im from the netherlands. i found this site while i was searching for a unattended guide . a few weeks ago. im studying IT at the moment and im also Learning for the Microsoft 70-270 Exam Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional. irl name: Frans Age: 16 I hope im getting a great time here . Greetz, Hell

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