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  1. Well it happens when I double click the MDE Icon on the desktop to open the database on the users workstation.. I double click it and it opens the database but instead of the switchboard poppin out as it is supposed to (and does on the machine where I created the database) a box pops up stating invalid arguement.
  2. Team 929, Ok I did the whole thing from scratch, It seems like there was a problem with the linking of the table... I believe it happened due to a renaming of the database before or after the split.. The name of the database was respondent so I believe after I split the database with the name being respondent I renamed the database to something else and I believe thats what was preventing the database from opening through the network.. By changing the name after it was split and linked it changed I guess the path for lack of a better word..in any case the database opens now from the users workstations but now I get an invalid argument when it opens... any idea or know what to do with this error?
  3. Yes I created the database on the network server with access 2003... when the database was finished I split the databse and placed the back end in a shared folder on the network server and placed the front end in the same folder on the network server.. I then placed a copy of the front end on the desktop of the users and then created an MDE file and placed it on the desktop as well. When I try and open the databse with either the copy of the front end or the MDE file from the users workstation I get a network or disk error. The error I receive is 'Network or Disk Error close database and open again' I can open the database with no problem on the network server where I created it. 1. Yes the linked tables work when i open them 2. I browsed through windows explorer and I can see the back end 3. Im going to start from scratch again.. I am going to delete the database and start fresh with a copy of the database that I have and split it and create the mde file etc 4. The network folder is located on a windows 2003 server O/S 5. The workstations have the full installation of access Team 929 thank you for the help, I appreciate it... I'll give you an update once I've done it all over again... is it okay if i contact you through messages?
  4. Team 929, Yes the users have access to the network drive.. they can access it.. open it.. etc.. the permissions are set.. I did place a copy of the front end on each users station which has linked tables to the back end.. Im at a total loss at what the problem can be.
  5. Hello all I created a database with MS Acess at work,The databse resides on a server. I then went ahead and split the database and placed the backend (data) in a folder on the network that can be accessed by all the workstations that need to use the databse.. The front end is also in the same folder... I created and mde file so no changes can be made by mistake or otherwise to the any part of the databse.. I created a shortcut from this mde file and placed it on the desktop of the workstations that need to use the database but they keep getting a network or disk error please colse application and open it again....Is there something I'mnot doing right??? or did I miss a step ?? I need to be able to make the workstations be able to access the database for daily use..

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