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  1. Hello: I am ready to install Win 2000 Auto Update and somehow get rid of IE6, and install Opera 9.x instead. How do I go about installing this newest version during the Auto Update? Thanks, Perdue112
  2. Hello: Having created a directory for slipstreaming Windows 2000, copying the W2K Setup CD to this directory,I am halting this task because there seems to be a contradiction. First, you said the program will point to needed updates and patches, and you said that they must be downloaded by using Windows Update process. Whenever I have gone to the update page and the system automatically detects needed files,downloads and installs all updates and patches, it will ignore any subsequent return to this area for updates again because it has read your hard drive and knows what it has already installed. It will do nothing, zilch. Now how are you going to bypass this automatic update and get files? In disgust, I went to the Microsoft Download Center where it listed 694 files which are available, grouped in numbes of 1-20 for each page. It would take a total of 34.7 downloads to get all 694 at 20 files per page. What is the proper way to get these updates and patches? Thanks, perdue112

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