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  1. Am I to understand that I can have in install for XP Pro and install for XP x64 on one stick, and choose which one I want to install?
  2. Questions on install

    EURELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it working like I wanted Did a slipstream, and make all the tweaks/options i wanted in Nlite. Changed a couple of entries in multboot's winnt.sif file. Deleated the registry tweaks in multiboot $oem$ folder. Went just like I wanted it to Now, I use an application called HyperOS, which allows multiple OS installs. My version will allow up to 22 different installs of 2000, XP, Vista. This gives me the luxury of experimenting without worrying about borking a good system. I currently have 6 installs, and I used the one in partition 6 for do all of my installs. I got XP working the way I wanted, and then decided that I'd do XP x64 also. Ran into a bit of a problem there as multiboot6 didn't want to 'play nice' with x64. I noticed a threas on x64 installs, and after looking through that, I D/Led and used multiboot5. This time I met with success. One thing I did discover is that at one point, if I took the option NO for 'Mixed PATA/SATA', that during the install the USB stick used partition D, and when I was finished, all the partition letters after C: in my new install were off by one letter I did another re-build of the USB-stick and then took the 'make U' option, and it now works correctly for my purposes. Now if I could just have both installs on the stick, life would be sweet. I notice that there hust so happens to be a thread on that very subject, so I'm off to see whaat's happening there. I gotta say, this is one sweet application!! Can't wait to let the folkss at Dreiverheaven.net know about it
  3. Questions on install

    Actually, I'm quite impressed I figured that there are some things 'missing in translation' but that's to be expected. Especially when one get's into technical matters. Also, trust me, no matter what your native tongue(s) is/are...your English is a heck of a lot better than what my 'Redneck Version' of your's would be Multiboot does great, it's just that I think I'm looking for something of a 'lite' version, without all the bells and whistles. I've been reading thru all the threads till I'm starting to feel like this ----> But, I'll keep at it. I think I'll take a day or two away from it, just in case I'm mis-reading something. Sometimes stepping away and coming back helps give a fresh perspective.
  4. Questions on install

    Ok, I have this working but not quite the way I would like it to. I'd like to have an unattended install with the options that I can setup in Nlite. Things like setting the theme, etc. I've tried using it in multiboot6, but it doesn't seem to 'see' the settings. I saw something about using the $oem$ and I looked in there, and there are things I don't particulary care for. Is it possible to remove all the 'tweaks' and other settings, and just get multiboot6 to install what would be on the CD? I've read and re-read the help files, and to tell the truth they aren't all that user friendly. All I want to use is what is on the CD after I've used Nlite to make the setting changes that I want. How can I do it?