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  1. ok, anyone else?? I really do appreciate some input. And its not like I'm some moron user that doesn't know how to use the search function bc I have (but this forums search function isn't googl, and google didn't help much anyway)
  2. OK thanx guys. Now, can I just extract the driver packs to a temp folder, and just keep referencing to integrate those drivers in nlite? I'm trying to integrate all chipset, lan, sound, video, wlan, and mass storage drivers. Will I have to use something other than driverpack's driver packs??(you get what I mean) I like the way driverpacks did it by leaving them 7zipped on the install media and then extracty it to the HD. I think that driver packs changed the install mode to Hide Pages instead of Prompt Repair. Where would I look to confirm that this is the case? So if I can make it work right I will do it either way, with or without using driverpacks integrator software then I will be extremely happy.
  3. I dont remove anything from the installation. And I've tried it with the nlite and then ran it on vm and it prompted repair, and then I driverpacked that same setup that I just nlited and it wouldn't prompt repair anymore
  4. Ok, it seems as if it's DriverPacks that breaks it, does anyone know of another good way to integrate drivers?? I read the Nlite way of doing it stinks.
  5. Hi all, this is my first post on this board. Thank you all for having me. Ok, so my issue is, I'm trying to Nlite a series of discs for home and pro. I want to be able to have the option of a repair install, but for some reason when I finally goto run my iso in a vm it never prompts me to do so, it just goes straight to selecting the partition. Now, I'm not sure if maybe my procedure has anything to do with it, I do my prcedure like this: Clean OEM Disc->WMP Slipstreamer->Nlite->DriverPacks->create ISO From what I've read for a while is that seems to be the procedure that many others do. The only other thing I add in is $OEM$ for oemlogo that I copy into myself. I know that I am clicking the right options in Nlite, but it's not working. And also in the unnattended tab, when I put the drop down box to "Prompt Repair, it greys out "OEM Preinstall". So anyone have any guesses. I've been searching for a while and finally had to break down and join the forum. Thanx a bunch

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