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  1. I'm just getting started with WPI, so forgive me if I'm asking for something that already exists.... What I want to be able to do is specify a config file/option file on a local web server that WPI can download and use. That way all the config info will be in one central place and I don't have to update CDs/DVDs. I suppose the other option is doing this from a shared drive, but since WPI is an HTML app anyway I think I'd rather go with a web server. I'm also interested in having WPI download all the apps selected for installation from a web server too. That way I can have the config files and the apps in one place. Of course I'm assuming each app is a single self-extracting executable (I don't really intend to do things like Office this way, just utility apps, mostly free/open source/frequently updated stuff). Does this make sense? Can WPI already do it? Thanks!
  2. Here's an odd one. I noticed the size of my merged driver.cab file for SP2 in Nlite 1.4.1 is 60,970,848 bytes (58.1 MB). With 1.4.5 beta2 that shoots up to 65,520,766 bytes (62.4 MB). The contents of both CAB files are identical, it just doesn't seem to be compressing them as well. I'm using the same exact .INI file for both runs. Maybe the "High Compression" option isn't being passed to the CAB compressor in the beta? I probably wouldn't have noticed except my resulting CD only has about 1 meg to spare and this chews up 3 meg. Thanks for a great tool!
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