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  1. Hi newsposter, Very helpful link. Think I might have to give that a try next time around. Thanks for the 'heads up'.
  2. Hi all, Yeah, I can understand the frustration. I think you're kinda brave taking on XBOX mods in any case. They are a mystery to me. I can see the attraction the alternative method suggested too...lol. While we are discussing "destroyed" hard drives, does anyone know where I can get hold of a 'sectioned' HDD for use in class? It would be useful to display the 'innards' when I am tutoring my Computers For Beginners classes.
  3. Hello all, I have downloaded and run the WUD and I do like what i see! This may seem a silly question (though I hope it isn't) but here goes anyway: Is there a way of knowing exactly what we need to download in the way of updates etc. for our particular original source? The reason that I ask is that I am currently creating an all-in-one XP Pro install disc (using nLite) and my original source already includes SP2. At present the WUD finds SP2 (obviously) and, I imagine, a whole bunch of other updates and patches that I probably don't need. However my knowledge of what I can remove from the available updates is limited. I have attached a listing of what I have downloaded thus far. I chose these from the 'uninstall' files found in my Windows Directory following a clean install and getting a 'no more updates' status from the Microsoft updates site. The ones in that Windows directory that I am still lacking are: IDNMitigationAPIs NLSDownlevelMapping basecsp MSCompPackV1 WDF01005 WIC WMFDIST11 WMP11 wudf01000 and finally, KB926239 The only one of these I find in the current WUD listing is the WMP11 (I gather that's the media player 11 file). I have (of course) searched under those filenames on the Microsoft Downloads site but with no luck. Any thoughts on how (or if) I get the others? xpdownloads.txt
  4. Hi everyone, I have just attempted to use this terrific program (nLite) to create and install from an 'all-in-one' CD. Although I DID test the disc in Virtual PC, I could find no way to test the RAID side of things there. It would be nice if we could test RAID in Virtual PC but that's not nLite's fault. The disc did work very well in that Virtual environment. I had no complaints (though I knew it was not as 'complete' as I might have hoped). What has come to light now is the absolute need to include your RAID drivers within the disc build though. I had neglected this measure when creating my disc as I figured that, if I didn't, I could always add them at the [press f6] prompt during 'install'. Oops! No prompt!...lol. I did get a Windows XP SP2 install but with no provision for a RAID array. Of course this did also format my C: drive in the process so I had to revert back to a 'pre-nLite' method to get a clean RAID install. So, I will have another go. This time I will be sure to include the RAID drivers and hopefully it will work.
  5. Hi all, As a 'new user' of nLite myself, I have taken the time to read ALL of the pages of this 'Complete Beginners Guide to nLite Unattended CD's' and have certainly learned a lot. Perhaps this is presumptious of me but I would like to remind some of the more experienced people posting replies here that this IS a 'Beginners Guide' - not a thread for people who can be expected to know all that there is to know about how to use the search functions or exactly which thread they should be in to ask their questions. I do understand that being asked the same question(s) time and again must be frustrating but some patience with 'newbies' might go a long way in encouraging them to continue their exploration of (and perhaps even their use of) this terrific tool. In one of the posts there is mention of the importance of people understanding that this is not a tool for the integration of applications. I agree that that information could perhaps be 'bumped' higher in the reading order given it's relevance to many 'newbie' questions. I know I still have questions about the use of this tool which I am now reluctant to ask in fear of being thought a fool. This thread is named 'Complete Beginners Guide to nLite Unattended CD's' and yet the 'guide' is nowhere to be found. I imagine it is available from some other thread or link (or at least I hope it is) but is it unreasonable to expect to find it here? Instead of finding the guide, I imagine I will receive yet another lecture on 'use the search function'. Just a few thoughts shared by a 'newbie'.
  6. Greetings all, Thank you to all those who responded and who provide resources to help me in my task. Although I feel a little 'intimidated' by the complexity of some of these tools, I will attempt to use these. One thing I like about the nLite interface was that much of it seems 'intuitive'. I hope to find to the same with these other tools. I am no 'expert'. I guess this could be seen as a test of the 'user friendliness' of these tools...lol. Thanks again.
  7. Greetings Yzöwl, Thank you for your input and remarks. I do appreciate the importance of the 'Read, digest, test, fail...' cycle and I guess, in some ways, I was trying to 'Jump Start' that by combining my queries in the one forum. Given the 'specific' nature of this forum, I felt (and still feel) this was the place I was most likely to find someone with the (what I perceived as) required skills combination to assist me. I believe I did acknowledge the likelihood of the answers to my queries already having been generated in my original post but, as I said there, I thought it unlikely that anyone had requested that specific combination of information and, in my ignorance, thought it possible that perhaps a 'custom' approach was required. As to my 'bumping' my post, fair comment. I will try to be more patient in future. Lastly, I am not aware of having 'ignored' any previous helpers' comments. I did acknowledge and thank 'Idontwantspam' for that contribution. My apologies to him (?) if he felt disregarded. That was not my intention. Again Yzöwl, thank you.
  8. Can no one help me with these questions?
  9. Hello again Idon'twantspam, Thanks once again for your response and for the welcome. Your statement of 'it should work as well' is a little unclear. Did you mean that the method you had already described 'should work'? I believe you asked which version of Office I was installing. ++ Edit ++ What I get from my Office 2003 Professional (32 Bit) disc is: ProductVersion=11.0.5614.0 and the Office 2003 SP2 disc I have is: 11.0.7969.0 I hope this info helps. My Windows XP Professional (32 Bit) Version is: 5.1.2600.2180 ++ Edit ++ Incidentally, I hadn't realised before that I had a SP2 version of Windows...lol. Was worth looking!
  10. 'I Don't want Spam' - Thanks very much for that, Initially, my desire is create a 'slipstreamed' install disc for use on my own PC. My XP Pro is an 'original gold' and I have SP2 on disc. My Office 2003 I am less sure of the version as I have updated the installed version to SP3. The original disc did come with BCM though so I guess it was a pretty recent one. The day may come when I need to apply these skills in the workplace though and it's nice to know there is a way to do so there.
  11. Greetings to all, I am so happy to have stumbled upon this forum. In my initial browsing I find some fascinating subject matter with generally patient and understanding replies. That's good to see because I think I may need that patience from you...lol. ++ Edit - I do appreciate that some of the answers to my questions may already exist in these very varied forums but I haven't found a post that 'combines all' as I intend to here. I do apologise if some see this as 'repeated posting'. ++ Firstly, a little background on me and my system. Me: I am what I would class an 'advanced user'. I have a Cert II in I.T. and am currently studying for my Cert III (Networking). I also Tutor part-time in I.T. mainly to 'Intro to Computer' type classes. My system (Hardware): ++ Edit - I have now added this info to my signature ++ So, to the point of my post: PART 1 As part of my CERT III studies, we are covering the basics of 'slipstreaming'. I have been fortunate enough to discover (and use) nLite in this task and cannot praise it's developers enough. I found it very 'user friendly' with enough 'custom' options to keep most professionals happy (i would think). I have used nLite to create a 'slipstreamed' ISO version of my Windows Pro (32 Bit) OEM install process which seems to work well (at least in Virtual PC). I have managed to 'integrate' IE 7 within that install (though without 'presetting' options). I do still have 9 updates which I can't seem to either find or integrate for some reason. They are: 1. KB 890830 2. KB 941569 3. KB 923689 4. KB 928416 5. KB 829019 6. KB 902344 7. .NET Framework 1.1 8. Root Certificates Update 9. KB 946609 (Silverlight) I have downloaded those i can find (can't find Root Certificates Update or Windows or Microsoft Update for download anywhere) and include them within the files for nLite but to no avail. I have tried this process a number of times and, each time, it is these same ones that give me trouble. PART 2 I have downloaded and attempted to use the WMP 11 slipstreamer. I was attempting to 'integrate' the WMP 11 install as part of the Windows install process but had no success. Is that it's purpose or did i have it all wrong? Is it actually designed to perform the 'slipstreaming' into a pre-existing Windows install? It does say that it can be used in combination with the nLite program from a command line and i tried that, but obviously not correctly, as all i got when creating the ISO was a 'syntax error'. Part 3 I was also hoping to 'integrate' the installation and slipstreaming of my Office 2003 Pro into this same ISO. On reading some of the hints on the MSFN home page, i gather this is not possible unless one has a 'volume licensed' version. Am i correct in thinking this? It would seem that with, now, two Service Packs (SP2 & SP3) and LOTS of patches to apply for an 'up-to-date' install, that someone clever might have developed a way to do this. If anyone can offer me some plain language assistance (remember i'm a newbie to this...lol) i'd really appreciate it. Thank you for taking to time to read this. Regards kwikshere
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