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  1. Thank you very much to Kyor and Jazkal, Initially I was include the i386 folder into the wim, I guess that cause the wim file size problem. However I had tried to move those files out from the wim, so it seems ok now. So great that I can find help from this forum.... Really appreciate that
  2. Nope, is not even reach the startnet.cmd yet. Immediately after the loading progress bar finish, it prompt the error as attached. This won't happen if I don't include the W2K3 setup files into the winpe boot DVD. Is there any reason that the W2K3 setup files/folders (I only copied the i386 folder from the installation CD) cannot be inlcude to the WinPE boot DVD together? Thanks!!
  3. Hi , I'm trying to create a server deployment image for Windows 2003 with WinPE 2.1. My steps are: 1. Boot into Winpe2.1 2. delete partition using diskpart 3. configure HP Disk Array configuration and create an array 4. create new partition 5. format disk 6. install from commandline (X:\W2K3\I386\WINNT32.EXE /syspart:c: /s:X:\W2K3\I386 /unattend:X:\DiskProfilesA\unattend.txt /makelocalsource step 2 to 6 is run from a vbscript that I had created and compiled as a .exe file and being called out from startnet.cmd. The W2K3 installation files are copied to a new folder named W2K3 under the winpe\mount folder. My problem is when I include the W2K3 folder, winpe will load but immediately finish loading, it prompt error and not execute the startnet.cmd. (I guess it straight jump to the w2k3 setup, but at that point the harddisk is not parepare yet hence it gives error) But if I exclude the W2K3 folder, I have no problem, winpe will load then trigger the startnet.cmd and I can type and execute some array configuration manually from the command prompt. Is anyone have any idea why I can't include the W2K3 installation files together with winpe? I have no problem with this when I use winpe 2005 in our previous image version. Thanks!!

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