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  1. OK.... I have gotten bitten by the bug. I am going whole hog hog and trying to create as complete a install disk as possible. Where I am so far: 1) Integrated WinXP SP with nLite 2) Integrated Hotfixes/patches with RVM Integrator 3) Integrated WGA Notification and RVM optional programs with RVM Integrator 4) Copied the patched material to a second directory as a backup for my progress. 5) Integrated the DriverPacks from www.driverpack.org with Driver_Base (didn't use the Wireless LAN or Graphics Pack 3) Some notes: The integration of the Service Pack and the Hotfixes went flawlessly. The DriverPack integration failed the first time, but I was browsing the net while it was going on. Not sure why that would have caused a problem, but I tried it again over the failed original attempt and it went through without a hitch. What I have left to do: Integerate IE7 and WMP10 (I hate WMP11) DirectX 9.0c Integration Integrate the NVidia and Intel RAID and SATA drivers. Looking at them, they are both quite old. (Actually, the NVIDIA drivers in general look old... the Intel chipset drivers look fairly up-to-date) Integrate any additions suggested. Set options for removal of uneeded programs/options and unattended install through nLite and burn an ISO. My questions: 1) Will nLite create a bootable install DVD from a bootable CD. (currently the install directory is 936MB.... to large for a CD). I am not worried about trying to create a CD image, as all the drives I have are DVD's 2) Have I gotten in over my head, or missed a step? 3) Should I restore the backed up files and redo the DriverPack integration since it failed the first time, even though it passed the second? 4) Which should come first, the Nvidia or Intel RAID and SATA integration? 5) Assuming #2 isn't true, what else should I be looking at? Does anyone have any favorite programs/utilities/tweaks that they can suggest? Being a newbie to this, I am open to any and all suggestions. I have manually slipstreamed Services Packs into Win2K and WinXP before, but this is the first time I have tried anything of this magnitude. I am building up a new system next week, and rebuilding 2 older ones and would love to use this to speed up the process. As you can tell from the RAID and SATA questions, I am moving from non-RAID to RAID... on two boxes as it turns out. I haven't done this before on a system with the drivers integrated into the OS install disk. Thanks ahead of time! Harlech
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Thanks Fernando!
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Is it possible to integrate both NVIDIA and Intel Raid drivers into a CD? My gut feeling is that it is, but I want to check first. Also, would there be any additional special steps required beyond following the above-mentioned SATA RAID guides?