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  1. Problems under win2k

    Hey all, im using xplode under win2k with gdiplus.dll from 2003 Server (Sorry i don´t have a winxp) And startet from cmdline.txt it works but there are no visuals....?!?!?. And then when i start it with grouppolicy skript before login prompts it can´t change to a domainuser account or even the local administrator (No i don´t have a mistyped passwort). The funniest thing is that it crashes with an immidiate reboot if i start some msi files. Not every msi installer but everytime the usual suspects. There is also a problem with the shortcut plugin. For some reason it doesnt support german special characters. when i use Startmenü (German for Startmenu) it does not create a link...... A lot of questions.... Maybe some one spend some time on it....... Has somebody interest in a solution to use xplode to manage software distribution in a domain after all install is finished??? Greets
  2. Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4 Question

    First of all repacking is a very critical operaton. So be aware of problems. The best way is to install a fresh operating system (If you have some Virtual Machine at hand like VMware this will reduce your work a lot) install your favorite repacking tool (for me is masai editor becase of his great feature "IT´s free" ). Now start the repacking tool and make sure that the snapshot or capturing options are set to your install path. For example Masai Editor looks only on c:\ as standard and if you would like to install on d: or something else....) Than do your Installation and make the systemchanges to an msi file. This should be it and you can produce some mst file instruction sets with it for your resulting msi package. Installing is with msiexec /QB /I your.msi /T your.mst Best Wishes
  3. Unattended Network Installation?

    You can use barts network bootdisks and winnt.exe look under www.nu2.nu You have to do some script work for it to automate everything. If youre are interested if made a special version of it with some hardware detection for the oempnpdriverspath settings and so on. Please let me know whether there is some interest for it Best wishes
  4. Adobe GoLive CS

    Hi Folks, for weeks im triing to silent install adobe golive cs but like many other installshield victims it breaks up with some errors in the logfile which mean that the setup receives wrong infos from the file. Has anybody done this so far.... Best Wishes
  5. Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4 Question

    Don´t waste your time on this stuff.... Macromedia is well known to , let me say abuse the Installshield functions. The Dialog you mention is not build from Installshield tools it´s embedded in the installer and so the recording won´t capture these settings sorry..... But on the other Hand its quite easy to repack this stuff with your favorite repacking tools. For myself i´ve used masai editor and it works great nicer than the original installer. Best Regards