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  1. Why are you using %wpipath% when you specify the actual path? Do you have a folder named E: inside the WPI Folder?
  2. He was trying Server Theme! Regards Yep, and both themes have been inside my theme folder, I just had the theme set to Server, and I tested setting it to Win7 to see if it was a theme issue (the spacing) I like the background you posted
  3. DOH! That fixed it. i have been using Notepad to edit the confg file, and i didn't even think about using WPI to re-save it. Thanks a ton!
  4. your version looks perfect. What program did you open & resave with?
  5. Ok that didn't work. I tried different settings on the Theme Layout style, and the Vertical looks fine, but both Horizontal settings have the spacing. If it helps, this is on Windows 2008R2
  6. hmm I don't think I have since i upgraded to 8.6, i will give that a try. EDIT: Just tried that and it still has the spacing. Gonna grab a fresh copy of v8.6.3 and try over, maybe something happened when I copied it over last time.
  7. Thank you. but that does not help me. Also, I did not have this issue when running WPI v 8.4.6, it started when I upgraded to v8.6.3
  8. I tried the Win7 Theme, and it does the same thing. Ok, i will send you the files tonight or tomorrow.
  9. The above screen shot is from v8.6.3, so should I downgrade to v8.5.6? Could it be an issue with the theme I am using? It is the Server theme... I will try out the Win7 Theme tonight and see if it clears up.
  10. Correct, but it is free for Non-Profit and non-business use according to the License.txt file, not to mention you are just assuming that this is in use for any business. This is actually inside a VM environment I run at home as a lab for testing all kinds of stuff. I have a small SAN environment so I can expand the storage as needed instead of having to grow my computer all the time.
  11. I have some extra spaces around some of the select categories on the main screen when running WPI. Any ideas what might be causing this? As you can see in the image below, these spaces are not consistent, and appear at the bottom and top of different categories. Under SAN Related, the space is at the bottom, and under Optional it appears at the bottom and the top, but in the Top category (not shown) the space does not appear in either location.
  12. I'm not worried about showing/hiding the CMD Window, but using 1 script (WPI) to kick off another script (bat file) which kicks off another script (prompt) is just more complicated than it should be. Guess I will just have to do it that way though... thanks for your help Ok, i got around this by adding a sleep to my script. This gives WPI time to exit before the next session is started
  13. This is the script: x = MsgBox("Run WPI Layer 2 Now?",4,"Windows Post Installer Layer 2") If x = "6" Then Return = WshShell.Run ("C:\ImgSW\wpi\WPI.exe options=useroptions_layer2.js config=config_layer2.js",1,TRUE) ElseIf x = "7" Then x = MsgBox("Shutdown this server?",4,"Shutdown") If x = "6" Then Return = WshShell.Run ("CMD /c shutdown /s /t 15",1,FALSE) End If End If Wscript.Quit I would like WPI to run this script, and then exit. I can get around it by using a batch script, but it is ugly and I would really prefer not to do it that way.

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