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  1. Thank You very much Geej The space was the problem, I knew you could have spaces in the shortcut names without quotes but after you said remove it I checked for the 50th time and saw the add and delete did not match. Problem solved, I will keep in mind your post setup command for future problems as well
  2. Thanks for the tips guys but nothing has worked so far. I have tried 0x0000000A,9 0xA,23 0x00000002,23 < Microsoft says this should work I have also tried [DelDirsSection] %16407%\%TrayCD% < Microsoft says this should work also
  3. My problem is the shortcuts do not delete after uninstalling. [Version] Signature=$Windows NT$ [DefaultInstall] RegisterDLLs=Start.Register [Install] OptionDesc =%AppName% Tip =%INFOTIP% Modes =0,1,2,3 ProfileItems =TrayCD.Shortcut1,TrayCDReadMe.Shortcut2 CopyFiles =Program.Files, @TrayCD.inf AddReg =AddRegSection [Optional Components] TrayCD [TrayCD] OptionDesc =%AppName% Tip =%INFOTIP% Modes =0,1,2,3 ProfileItems =TrayCD.Shortcut1,TrayCDReadMe.Shortcut2 CopyFiles =Program.Files AddReg =AddRegSection [UninstallTrayCD] BeginPrompt =BeginUnInsPrompt EndPrompt =EndUnInsPrompt RunPreSetupCommands =CloseProgram:1 DelFiles =Program.Files, PNF.File DelDirs =DelDirsSection DelReg =DelRegSection ProfileItems =TrayCD.DelShortcut1,TrayCDReadMe.DelShortcut2 [BeginUnInsPrompt] Title = %TitleUnInsPrompt% Prompt = %BeginUnInsPrompt% ButtonType =YESNO [EndUnInsPrompt] Prompt = %EndUnInsPrompt% [SourceDisksNames] 1="TrayCD Files","TrayCD.cab",,"i386" [DestinationDirs] Program.Files =16422,"%TrayCD%" PNF.File =17 DefaultDestDir =17 [PNF.File] TrayCD.PNF TrayCD.inf [SourceDisksFiles] Tray_CD.exe =1 Readme.htm =1 [Program.Files] ;Program files to delete, will not work without a DestinationDir ;The ",1" flag is used if the file is in use, so entries will be added to the registry to delete it on next boot. Readme.htm Tray_CD.exe [Create.EmptyDirectorys] [AddRegSection] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run","TrayCD",0x0,"""%16422%\Utilities\Tray CD\Tray_CD.exe""" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","DisplayName",0,"%AppName%" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","DisplayVersion",0,"%Version%" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","UninstallString",0,"rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection TrayCD.inf,UninstallTrayCD" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","Comments",0x0,"Opens or closes CD's from the tray" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","DisplayIcon",0x0,"%16422%\Utilities\TrayCD\Tray_CD.exe" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","NoModify",0x10001,01,00,00,00 HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","NoRepair",0x10001,01,00,00,00 HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","Publisher",0x0,"RJL Software" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%","URLInfoAbout",0x0,"http://www.rjlsoftware.com/" [TrayCD.Shortcut1] Name =TrayCD,0x00000008,23 SubDir ="%TrayCD%" IconPath =16422,"%TrayCD%","Tray_CD.exe" CmdLine =16422,"%TrayCD%","Tray_CD.exe" WorkingDir =16422,"%TrayCD%" InfoTip ="%INFOTIP%" [TrayCDReadMe.Shortcut2] Name =TrayCD ReadMe,0x00000008,23 SubDir ="%TrayCD%" IconPath = 16422,"Internet Explorer",iexplore.exe,002 IconIndex = 2 CmdLine =16422,"%TrayCD%","TrayCD.htm" WorkingDir =16422,"%TrayCD%" InfoTip ="TrayCD ReadMe" [Start.Register] 11,,rundll32.exe,,,"advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %1%\TrayCD.inf,Install" [DelDirsSection] %16422%\%TrayCD% [DelRegSection] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run","TrayCD",0x0,"""%16422%\Utilities\Tray CD\Tray_CD.exe""" HKLM,"%Uninstall%\%AppName%" [TrayCD.DelShortcut1] Name =Tray CD,0x0000000A,23 SubDir ="%TrayCD%" [TrayCDReadMe.DelShortcut2] Name =Tray CD ReadMe,0x0000000A,23 SubDir ="%TrayCD%" [CloseProgram] TASKKILL /F /IM Tray_CD.exe TSKILL Tray_CD.exe [Strings] AppName = "TrayCD" INFOTIP = "Opens or closes CD's from the tray" Version = "" TitleUnInsPrompt = "TrayCD Uninstaller" BeginUnInsPrompt = "Are you sure, that you want TrayCD and all components deleted?" EndUnInsPrompt = "TrayCD has been successfully deleted." TrayCD = "Utilities\TrayCD" Uninstall = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"
  4. WinRAR SFX Commands

    Only a couple months late but here goes. Combine both SFX to one and use the below for silent ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%UserProfile% SavePath Silent=2 Overwrite=2 So the folders you would pack are My Documents\My Games Local Settings\Application Data
  5. How about CD activity? You might try making sure you have no CD\DVD in the drive. I just upgraded to 8.0.3 from 7.something and had the same problem as you state. I finally noticed every time I tried to do anything with WPI, it was accessing the Game DVD I had in my drive. I ejected it and its much better now.
  6. Question Regarding boot file

    I am not sure Nero can create a bootable image ? I know it can burn one that has already been created. Go here Find "Tools archive <-- Link!" part way down the page and get it. (1.3MB) You need the MakeISO.exe from inside it. Install it one time only, you won't even see it install so don't keep clicking it. Browse to the folder that holds the files for burning. Right click the parent folder and select "Make Bootable ISO" from the menu. The parent folder in the example below is "XPCD_SOURCE" The speed of this process depends on your system specs. My quad takes 3 to 5 minutes for 4GB. Burn the resulting .ISO with Nero's burn image to have a fully bootable cd or dvd. The .ISO will be in the parent folder of XPCD_SOURCE and will be named "XPCD_SOURCE" from the example below again. Example: XPCD_SOURCE <--dir cmpnents <--subdir DOCS <--subdir DOTNETFX <--subdir I386 <--subdir SUPPORT <--subdir VALUEADD <--subdir Make sure you use the "Make Bootable ISO" and not the Make Data ISO Hope this helps