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  1. Install trouble

    I don't have WPI in the folder yet because I started over with the slipstream, I used nlite for all the updates and hotfixes. unless there is something going on with nlite or there is something wrong with the updates I got using the windows update downloader I have no idea
  2. Install trouble

    ---UPDATE--- Well I just found out that the restarting has nothing to do with the cmdlines.txt I re-did the whole thing and it has something to do with all the updates, hotfixes,etc I use nlite, get all of the hotfixes and stuff intergrated, do a test install and it just restarts after it gets to the second phase of the install. anybody know what going on here, I would be thankful for any help
  3. Hello to all

    Hi all. my name is mike, I live michigan always wanted a better way to reinstall os
  4. Need help with WPI

    Thanks, Kelsenellenelvian for your help. I will try this later, first I have to figure out another prob first I will let you know how it goes.
  5. Need help with WPI

    Not sure what you mean by this: %wpipath%\install\SymSetup.exe /qn /count:3 /noreboot /async:0 /msnscan:3 %wpipath%\install\Norton.reg are you saying create a reg file, if so where would I put it This is my source layout: C:\XPCD\WPI\Install\NIS2007 am I to make a reg file call it norton.reg and put it in the install folder if so what is the other source path for: %wpipath%\install\SymSetup.exe /qn /count:3 /noreboot /async:0 /msnscan:3 Thanks
  6. Need help with WPI

    Not sure how to add the code or exactly what I should do, how would I add the registry info to the source cd, so that it will input the cd key to it. and not sure how to add the wpipath info either %wpipath%\install\SymSetup.exe /qn /count:3 /noreboot /async:0 /msnscan:3 %wpipath%\install\Norton.reg CODE Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\CCPD-LC\KStore0000082000004900000bb] "Key"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" --UPDATE-- OK I just figured out how to make a .reg file but still don't know where or understand where to put it.
  7. I don't know want I did wrong, it goes through the first part of set up, then reboots and it will say that it needs to restart an error pops up to quick to read then restarts pc this is what I did, I used nlite for sp2, hotfixes, updated, etc. then used WPI for ccleaner, and nis 2007, I think I did everything right but unsure please help with this. thankyou I had to do this for cmdlines.txt [Commands] "command_1""rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,U" "command_2""RunWPI.exe" Is this right or wrong
  8. Hello all, I'm using WPI for the Norton Internet security 2007, is it possible to add the cd key and the activation files from my computer so that it will already be activated, if not the activation file how about just the cd key. and also do I have to copy all of the folders and files that come with the WPI into the source folder of xp to get it to work to stall the apps and stuff, the manual for WPI really don't say as far as step by step, either that or I'm just not seeing it. thanks in advance I really don't know to much about this stuff be trying to do it anyway, so any help will be very appreciated.
  9. MakeCab

    I downloaded makecab and I tryed to use it but when I click on it, the black window will appear and then it closes out, I have no idea how to get it to stay open, am I doing something wrong or what. and also how do I get the activation files, intergated I have tried but seems to not work. Thanks in advance