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  1. Hi people im having some right trouble with this one so thought is post...I want to use the program M$ Photo Editor from the 2002 version of Office..But without having to install all of office..Ive looked around for the program & I did find someone who had taken it out of the install & put it in a folder..My problem is all the special features of the program..(what made it great) dont work... Is there any way I can get this out of the original install disk ( which i have) or some way of installing it & taking out all the files & reg entries for making a new installer from....Any help on this would be fantastic... WOW have I either asked a stupid or hard question..?
  2. I dont think id embarrass myself by posting pics of the files ive changed lol..Its only small changes following guides already out there..Ive made a set of files you just drag & drop into the xp I386 folder & it changes things to look a bit batter & more like Vista..I wouldnt say they were great in a way... Vista bootscreen, Theme, Icons & so on...Thankz for the link also..It will come in handy as ive been swapping files back & forth using seperate proggies.. Next thing is to change the icons in control panel...Does anyone know what file im looking for..?
  3. Well I now have a few files ive edited & I was putting them into the $OEM$ folders so that there copied over at the right bit...My only problem is that doing it that way I cant press F6 in oder to load my Raid Drivers..(yes I want it this way) so my question what do I need to do to put the edited files back into the windows I386 folder so there installed automatically.....Edited files are as follows.. logonui.exe ntoskrnl.exe mydocs.dll msgina.dll xpsp1res.dll sysdm.cpl shell32.dll OEMLOGO.bmp Its ok I firgured it out on my own using Google..Thankz anyway..
  4. Thankz...Do you no what other DLL windows uses for stuff like shutdown, startup & so on...Im skinning the files to look like Vista & having them copied over during windows install...$OEM$ I have noticed another problem..I will need to take my edited files from the $OEM$ folder & have them put into the I386 folder as the OEM setup needs to be set to NO... I did do this before about 1 year ago but ive forgtton how to do it now.....ermm to make the file ex_ or .DL_ something like that...
  5. Hi peeps does anyone no what DLL's the main startup & shutdown resources are in...So far ive altered the sleep,shutdown,restart gfx...when I click one of them you get that horrible blue screen with windows is shutting down..this is the main one i want to find & what DLL is it in... thankz Files I have already are... msgina.dll shell32.dll what other are there & what resources do they hold..
  6. I couldnt get it too work..It says access is denied to the file that allows unsigned themes to work.. Isnt there any way round this..I mean Vista has been out ages now surely there is a way to patch these stupid files... This is the batch file I have..& it seems to work but doesnt... @echo off icacls C:\Windows\System32\uxtheme.dll /grant administrator:F icacls C:\Windows\System32\themeui.dll /grant administrator:F icacls C:\Windows\System32\shsvcs.dll /grant administrator:F pause takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\uxtheme.dll takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\themeui.dll takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\shsvcs.dll ren C:\Windows\System32\uxtheme.dll uxtheme.dll.old ren C:\Windows\System32\themeui.dll themeui.dll.old ren C:\Windows\System32\shsvcs.dll shsvcs.dll.old Copy C:\uxtheme.dll C:\Windows\System32 copy C:\themeui.dll C:\Windows\System32 copy C:\shsvcs.dll C:\Windows\System32 net stop uxsms & net stop themes net start themes & net start uxsms pause
  7. HI Peeps Please dont flame me ive checked the forum for mentions of this & couldnt find anything to really help me out...Anyway to my prob..Ive been trying to make a batch file that patches Vista x64 for you & its really P*ssing me off..When I run it Vista's security kicks in F*cking it up...If I go into UAC controls for users & shut that down all 3 files copy over or rather it says they do..? My problem is It doesnt seem to work properly cos I can see bits of the new theme but not everything..This leads me to think its only patching 1 or more files..Not even sure if this is possible lol... Ive tried putting the 3 .DLL files into the $$/system32 folder also & this doesnt work as on first startup it just says there not there...Can someone shed some light on this as ive only got so much hair left...Thankz Prophet07 Thankz will give it a try & let you no if all is ok..
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