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  1. blue screen error

    i know exacly wich driver coz i was have vista and install xp integrated sata driver not 1 time , many times and i cant edit with nlite because after that when i make with multiboot , he say cannot find biosinfo and more files wich was deleted by nlite
  2. hello again i got a problem i integrate my sata driver called intel matrix storage controller for sony vaio vgn fz 11 m edited dosnet , txtsetup and winnt.sif partitioned and install as here say c: install , quick format the setup was copied files and reboot i boot again from usb and choose option 2 : gui mode setup , continue instalation the windows was installed and when i reboot i got error message in blue screen with smth like this : some driver are incompatible , check the disk with chkdsk , run antivirus program bla bla i reboot and choose option 2 from usb , i was think maybe i need to continue the setup but i got again the blue screen how can i solve this problem because if i integrate sata driver with nlite , he delete the rest of files and i cant start the setup maked by multiboot menu PS if i leave to start after first reboot i got error message with \system32\hall.dll Thanks
  3. ok thank u , another question : it is there any way to make syslinux and some live linux into the usb when i format in NTFS ? coz the cmd say ntfs not supported for linux and in grub can i add more dossapps as i see no ? and just edit the comand line to start them
  4. no, i`m lame i`m tired, and now i see the second option on boot from usb : gui mode and continue instalation sorry for this topic u can delete it
  5. i was not unplug nothing , and the boot .ini is from multiboot folder i choose multi_boot.ini my partition is the first c: and i dont modigy nothing in boot.ini maked by the USB_MultiBoot5.cmd so i cant understand
  6. hello , i`v used multiboot the last from here , i was edited winnt.sif dosnet and txtsetup to integrate driver sata for my sony vaio, ok work boot from usb , delete partition c : ,quick format and the setup start to copy files after restart i got this message : windows could not start because the following files are missing or corrupt : <Winroot>\system32\hall.dll. i cant find that file nowhere . can anyone tell me how to proceed to continue install from usb ? Thanks