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  1. Hi strel, It's a great topic! I've downloaded your file and started to use with dotnetfx 1.1 + hotfixes + langpack and dotnetfx 3.5 SP1 + Family update + langpack, all hungarian versions. My INI settings are: PROCESS_DNF1=YES PROCESS_DNF2= PROCESS_DNF35_DNF2=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF3=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF35=YES PROCESS_DNF3_RGBRAST=YES PROCESS_DNF3_WINIMAGING=YES PROCESS_DNF3_MSXML6=YES PROCESS_DNF3_XMLPSSC=YES PROCESS_LNG_DNF1=YES PROCESS_LNG_DNF2= PROCESS_LNG_DNF35_DNF2=YES PROCESS_LNG_DNF35_DNF3=YES PROCESS_LNG_DNF35_DNF35=YES OUTPUT= MERGE_FRAMEWORKS= VERBOSITY=SILENT COMPRESSION_RATIO=low After running your script, it produced these files in OUT1 folder: DNF11it.exe, 11.8 MB DNF20SP2hu.exe, 17.8 MB DNF30SP2hu.exe, 15.4 MB DNF35SP1hu.exe, 15.2 MB I realised that DNF11it.exe has an abbreviation for Italian language in the filename, so I went through your command file and realised a tiny - but important - discrepancy. Details are here: :GETDNF11LNG IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0404" SET DNF11LNGSTR=tw IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0405" SET DNF11LNGSTR=cs IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0406" SET DNF11LNGSTR=da IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0407" SET DNF11LNGSTR=de IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0408" SET DNF11LNGSTR=el IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="040B" SET DNF11LNGSTR=fi IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="040C" SET DNF11LNGSTR=fr IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="040D" SET DNF11LNGSTR=hu, wrong, correct value is: 040E IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="040E" SET DNF11LNGSTR=it, wrong, correct value is: 0410 IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0411" SET DNF11LNGSTR=ja IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0412" SET DNF11LNGSTR=ko IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0413" SET DNF11LNGSTR=nl IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0414" SET DNF11LNGSTR=no IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0415" SET DNF11LNGSTR=pl IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0416" SET DNF11LNGSTR=br IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0419" SET DNF11LNGSTR=ru IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="041D" SET DNF11LNGSTR=sv IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="041F" SET DNF11LNGSTR=tr IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0804" SET DNF11LNGSTR=cn IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0816" SET DNF11LNGSTR=pt IF /I "%DNF11LNGSTR%"=="0C0A" SET DNF11LNGSTR=es GOTO :EOF You can check a whole table for locales and codes on this MS page: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/nlsweb/default.mspx If I may suggest, correct this lines in your code, as italian and hungarian users will have incorrect filenames. Today I will include these installers in my unattended XP installer on VirtualBox and inform you about results. Good work, nice codes, continue with this enthusiasm!
  2. Grrrreat! It's working! Thanks jcarle!
  3. I don't know is there any connection between the new MS hotfixes and this problem, but the effect is the next: I start WUD.exe but it's window doesn't appear, the program does not start. In the Process Explorer (a freeware taskmanager application) I see the WUD line flashes for a couple of milliseconds, but it unloads immediately. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but no changes. Can anybody help me in this problem please?
  4. One of the WUD users informed me that there are hotfixes missing from the hungarian UL / ULZ files. These are: KB915865, KB909095, KB916846, KB917730 and KB914841. Please change the uploaded UL / ULZ to these: windows_xp_x86_hun.upd.ul.txt and windows_xp_x86_hun.upd.ulz.zip Sorry for the inconveniences!
  5. Here are the updated UL and ULZ files. The updates are: KB923191 KB924191 KB923414 KB924496 KB922819 KB925486 (VML update) KB924941 (Bluetooth update) KB923996 (IE6 - MSHTML.DLL update) KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool update 1.21) KB922770 (.NET Framework 2.0 SYSTEM.WEB.DLL update) windows_xp_x86_hun.ul.txt windows_xp_x86_hun.ulz.zip Best regards
  6. September 2006 updates for Publisher 2003: KB894542 and for Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail filter: KB921580 . Files: office_2003_x86_hun.ulz.zip and office_2003_x86_hun.ul.txt Best regards
  7. Sorry for delay! Here are the files: windows_xp_x86_hun.ulz.zip and windows_xp_x86_hun.ul.txt Don't forget to rename them! Best regards
  8. Please find attached hungarian UL file for Office 2003. office_2003_x86_hun.zip Regards, and
  9. Hi all! First of all: Great app! Thank you Jean-Sebastien! I've just finished collecting the links and translations for the hungarian version then tried to download them all with WUD and are all working. I've changed encoding of the UL file to UTF-8 and it works great with hungarian version of XP. Hungarian language packs added to the list for both 1.1 and 2.0 .NET versions. Removed KB896344 because there's no hungarian version. For using with WUD the attached "windows_xp_x86_hun.zip" needs to be renamed to "windows-xp-x86-hun.ulz", also "windows_xp_x86_hun.txt" to "windows-xp-x86-hun.ul". (In the future: the hotfixes listed in UL needs to be checked with nLite or similar integrator app on VMWare or Virtual PC.) Have a nice day and MTFBWY! windows_xp_x86_hun.zip windows_xp_x86_hun.txt
  10. Hi! I posted my question not to the proper forum, but MSFN seemed the best for me since I visit frequently here. MSFN rulez! Here is the point: I have to use command line switch -noVBO , this disables support for Vertex Buffer Objects . Since I'm not a genius to graphics I don't know what are "Vertex Buffer Objects"... The long and the short of it is that it's working. Thank you for your attention and happy MSFNing! Best regards: Tamas
  11. Honoured Memebers! 1. Maybe this is off-topic, so indulge my unacquaintance. 2. I've a P2.4 GHz 512Mb RAM / Mobility Radeon 9000 laptop running Win2000SP4, newest ATI driver, DirectX9.0b. Installed Homework 2 and everything is ok (menu, options, profiles, credits etc) until I start a mission. Then crash and the errorlog says: Access Violation at module atioglxx.dll. 3. I suppose something got wrong with OpenGL subsystem (otherwise other games are running ok, whereas I don't know they are using OpenGL or Direct3D). How can I disable OpenGL to force the game to use Direct3d instead? Unfortunately there's no option to change the used driver as are in the old games. Thanks
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