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  1. WinXP crashes like hell!

    thou msi video support shouldn't be needed its on most video cards. i have read of other nvidia cards with same problem or some sort.... no idea
  2. WinXP crashes like hell!

    I have a MSI funny enought
  3. WinXP crashes like hell!

    soz admim... ummm thou back to topic people ) about this stupid nv_disp error bsod with winxp heeeelllppp.
  4. WinXP crashes like hell!

    yep np thx man yea no ways i'm lowering stuff so i loss performance rofl i'm a tweaker more then anything but i don't over clock. ht*p://gamershq.madonion.com/compare2k1.shtml?1907162 3d marks 2001 on winxp with a mx400 Do not post active links...read the forum rules....edit by mod[/color:bab178ecc7]
  5. WinXP crashes like hell!

    What do i lower in my bios that you recommend ?
  6. WinXP crashes like hell!

    Why lower clock speed its on normal amout... loss performance and why drop 4x to like 2x or 1x thats stupid you need the performace.
  7. WinXP crashes like hell!

    Hi i get this blue screen of death as well only time i get it when alt tabing from a game then click to go back in also only happens some times i'm runnig the newest drivers 22.50 they don't seem to fix it though i was running 21.8* etc etc i didn't have a problem thta i noticed thou the speed increase in 22.50 is worth a couple bsod. any way i'm runnig p3 1gig no via crap 256ram geforce 2 mx 100/200 Sblive Value and running easy cd creator with otu directcd and take two in it.
  8. Memory Tweaking

    Nice post very handy hopely they increase my speed