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  1. That counts also for me: When ghost has started I'm fine. Ghost finishes its process and the script continues fine with the BIOS without the USB stick inserted. But Ghost wont start without the stick. But it is on the ramdisk and started from it. Maybe it's only a Ghost issue.
  2. We have 3000 workstations running Windows XP. We provide them an image using Norton Ghost 7.5. I've made some script that do hardware recognition under MS-Dos. After a specific type of hardware has been detected my scripts uses ghost to connect to the correct Ghost multicast session. After Ghosting the script continues and gets some firmware/BIOS information and secures the BIOS and sets some BIOS other settings to our default. It all worked very nice the last few years. The only downside is that you have to leave the USB stick inside the machine while the process goes. That's a pitty because the process itself doesn't need any human actions. After the script exits the machine reboots and joins itself to the right domain and starts installing the correct software for that machine. Now I'm experimenting with a ramdisk. Boot from USB -> Copy the script and the related stuff to a ramdisk -> Run the command.com from the ramdisk with the /p option. -> start the script from ramdisk. I was hoping to be able to pull out the stick and leave. Too bad....it still tries to reach the USB stick somewhere lowlevel. Symantec Ghost isn't happy about it. Did you guys did this before?