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  1. Im having problems with "CD patch" option, i tried with vistapack 2.6 and 2.5 both shows the same error log for all files: Patching File: access.cp_ Copying File to working dir Executing Reshacker File not found Reshacker script error etc... I read in another forum that this function (CD patch) is totally broken in 2.6 ... i cant find download links of older version... even... i cant check the MD5 of the file (my PC gets crazy when clicking right button in the mouse over the .exe) Copy, erase, or move the installer, boost the cpu use to 99% (probably is "norton internet security", the installer is not detected like a virus, but is annoying, sometimes this forces me to reboot the PC) ¿There is any version of vistapack 2000 that works with CD patching ? Btw... download link in the official web is broken ---> http://www.vistapack.org/downloads.php ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I did some images (are very "standard" but with a black look) All logos are included in this file ---> http://www.sendspace.com/file/3tkjym Are in folders, ready to copy over the vistapack original "Resources" folder (replacing files) I have included ntkrpamp.exe (this file is not in the W2kSP4 installation, nor in vistapack, but is added with a "windows update" patch)

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