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  1. I found out what the problem was, and I have solved it. The partition on the new hard drive was non-bootable. The new hard drive came with a Data Lifeguard Tools CD-ROM. I installed the program that came on that CD-ROM and when I opened that program, I saw that it said "Bootable: no" for the partition on the new hard drive. Another part of the program is for copying from one disk or partition to another, and using that makes the destination partition bootable. However, the WAV files in the WINDOWS\MEDIA folder weren't all copied correctly -- when I restored a minimized window, I heard the soun
  2. I put the old hard drive back in the computer and made a Win98 startup diskette. Then, I took the old hard drive back out and started the computer from the floppy disk. I typed SYS C: and then pushed enter. Also, I typed FDISK /MBR and then pushed enter, as the hard drive manufacturer's website says to do if there is a "NO OS FOUND" error message. That didn't seem to do any good; when I tried to restart the computer without the Win98 startup diskette, again I got the "Operating system not found" error message. After that, I started the computer from the Win98 startup diskette again and typed C
  3. I bought a new hard drive today (the one I asked about in my first post). I used FDisk and then formatted the new hard disk. After I formatted it, I could access it and put files on it while running Win98SE on my old hard disk, but it said it could only hold 127GB even though the box said 160GB. First, I tried copying all the files from my old hard disk to the new one. I thought I should be able to boot the computer from the new hard disk then, but when I tried, it said "Operating system not found". Then, I took the original hard drive out of the computer and used the system recovery CD-ROM. T
  4. There's no reason why this hard drive couldn't be used in Windows 98 SE, is there? http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4898004
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