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  1. Isn't 8 early enough for your needs? I'd rather not touch presetup.cmd, unless you are aware that and how it is used by BTS drivers pack. No. SetupParams will not work. but I think you are correct about presetup. I should be able to execute a cmd file from cmdlines of my own creation, ya? From the name, I would assume the answer is yes. I will look at how to achieve my goals through cmdlines.txt. Again, thanks for your quick replies.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to execute a cmd file before the end of the GUI setup. If i'm not mistaken, SetupParams executes at the end of the install. EDIT: I think i'm going to try to edit presetup.cmd to do the file copies that i want. I will need an item copied to the windows folder for a later part of the install.
  3. This subject problem has been resolved with a fresh extraction from USB_MultiBoot4. I am now getting the multiboot options that I want when selecting the multi_content folder. I assume that I must have slagged my first folder somehow. I am still having one problem, and that's that the files in the $OEM$\$Docs and OEM$\$$ are not getting copied over during the install. They end up on the flash drive in the $WIN_NT$.~LS folder, but don't get transferred during the windows install. (for example: I want to add a file to the startup folder. I placed it in the location U:\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup , but it does not end up in that folder after install) I will continue to plug away at it in the hopes that this is a similar issue to my first one and that i somehow managed to corrupt the install. Any suggestions would be helpful though. Using the $OEM$ folder would be much easier for updating reasons, but I guess i could use some other method of copying like txtsetup. Thanks for help in advance.
  4. *FIXED* Hello. I am using the USB_MultiBoot3 program, and it works very well for transferring the setup files to the USB-stick and making a multiboot menu for the setup files. I am interested in getting it to multiboot FreeDOS and bartPE(or MiniPE) as well, but the package only includes the bootsectors for freeDOS and bartPE, and I dont know where to place the files for these to get them included. I found a reference to FreeDOS setup in the help files, and copied fdubcd.img to the images folder in MULTI_CONTENT folder. but if i select MULTI_CONTENT in the setup menu instead of X_CONTENT folder I get an error message(the path [my path here] does not contain USB Content Source Files). I still allows me to use that directory however after the error message, and everything installs as if i had used the X_CONTENT files with no grub files included, no FreeDOS files included... it looks just like using the X_CONTENT folder to my untrained eye... can someone maybe let me know how i might include some of the extra multiboot options or point me in the direction to figure this out? Thanks I'm currently only interested in having the Setup TXT and GUI selections as well as FreeDOS. a bartPE or miniPE would be an added bonus only. *FIXED*