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  1. internet connection problems ?

    Hi, Thank you for you reply. I've tried to apply the KB described by the post you pointed me to, but with no change. The problem is not only with Internet Explorer. I use Firefox on a daily basis. Both browser are concerned. Attached is my nlite configuration file. My C:\Windows\setuperr.log is empty. I also use CCleaner to cleanup my computer files and registry. May be is it linked ? Thanks for help Pierre-Yves DERNI_RE_SESSION.INI
  2. internet connection problems ?

    Hi, i've been using Nlite to customize my XP Pro installs for more than a year now, and recently, i've been confronted to a strange problem. It happen some times that my web pages does not load, load partially, load ok. It is quite random. I've tryed to disable firewall and antivirus without any change : here are more infos: antivirus : avast firewall : kerio cpu : core 2 duo , core 2 quad 6600 gpu : nvidia 8600, 8800 GT and 8800 GTX chipset : nforce 680i, intel X38 motherboard : asus maximus formula, asus P5N32-E SLI Plus The problem appear on 3 computer installed quite the same way with a customized XP install CD. Is it a known problem with non standard XP ? is there a way to fix this / diagnose this ? Any help is welcome Pierre-Yves